The thing

You know – the thing that’s going on. That thing.  Here are some hurriedly thrown together captions about the thing.

You see, it’s just like I always say.  Everything is femdom.

Even the thing.


So… those are my captions about the thing. Now, as I’m just sitting around at home all day, these days, I’ll just get back to reading the Trip to Matilda’s story on Freddie’s blog. Which I am enjoying a lot, actually.  You might too, who knows? Only one way to find out, isn’t there?

0 thoughts on “The thing”

  1. for your consideration – during this time of the thing – a post on how us beta's can contribute, do our part e.g. Don’t use precious toilet paper or kleenex be 100% locked, tongue over paper for her etc

  2. Its comforting to see that health carers and officials are doing their bit in these times. I am sure an eternity without genitals will not feel much longer if advanced by a few days. Femsup

  3. Good idea, Mr A. I'll consider it – as a public service. It has been a little unfair, on my part, letting things get this far without giving the world the benefit of Servitor's views on the situation. My proposed solutions will probably involve a lot of males dressing up as maids and schoolgirls and being spanked… but I'll just have to see what words of wisdom I can contrive.

  4. Oh, it won't be an eternity, Femsup. The rest of your life starts here! The sexless bit, where you have to be motivated to serve women through stimuli other than desire.

    Anyway, did you have plans that involved using your genitals over the next few days? I would jolly well hope not!


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