What a lovely word.  I am her thrall.

Happiest day of your life!  And don’t you forget it, you ungrateful little bastard, or she’ll give you something to be unhappy about!


It’s not just convicted sexists, either.  Carry the donor card, help someone to look fabulous after your death.

I’ve never liked spiders. Bitter acrid flavour and the legs get stuck between your teeth.

Looks fun.  And they give you a little souvenir bag of sugar at the end of the month.  Give it to your domme, the next time you book a normal session and thank your lucky stars it’s just fantasy play.

He found her through a card she’d put up in the local telegraphy office.

0 thoughts on “Enthralled”

  1. Good morning Smithers. I asked you to come and see me because I am marrying the Master next month and I wanted to be sure you understand what that means for you as his oldest and most faithful servant. I know it was a surprise for you and all the Estate workers when Lady Corby died at the age of 58 and within 1 year the Lord James Corby had a new girlfriend 24 years his junior…that is me…soon to be Mrs Sarah Corby.

    I expect perfect obedience from you, I expect you to treat me with a certain amount of fear because I have James in the palm of my hand. He does what I say and when I say it and if not he is caned. The same goes for you Smithers…do I make myself clear?….good boy. I noticed when you came into this room you forgot to give a curtsey…that will stop. Respect me correctly and we will get on fine.

    Any questions? No?…then get on with your chores.


  2. Of course, Miss Zoe – or may I be so bold as to anticipate your elevation with 'Your Ladyship'? I am sure I speak for all of the household in expressing our heartiest congratulations and deep – perhaps, I might venture 'awestruck'? – appreciation of your commitment to running an efficient and hardworking estate.

    If I might enquire, will the Master be joining us for dinner? Cook has prepared his slops and will place them in his feeding bowl, should you wish him to be leashed next to your place. If you would prefer him to remain in the stocks where you placed him earlier, I'll ask Cook to have his slops put into a nosebag and sent out to the stable.

    Oh, and will Your Ladyship be requiring any stable boys this evening? It is young master Trevor's evening off, but I believe the other three are available for duty.

    Very good, Your Ladyship. I have, incidentally been practicing my curtseys under Mrs Worthington's instructions, and I hope you will find them satisfactory. New uniforms for all of the male staff will arrive on Tuesday, I believe, and the blacksmith will send the chastity devices before the end of the week.

    Will there be anything else, Your Ladyship?

    Very good.

  3. Call in Peter, I think he will be my stable boy this evening. When his Lordship has finished his supper and finished All his chores you can lock him in the basement room, good boy.

    Pardon? His lordship wants a word? Ok send him in……Hi James what's the matter now? You wondered if you could sleep with me tonight? Well let me think…I am 24…you are 49….the stable boy is 18…what do you think? Go and be a good boy in the basement and write one hundred times "I am lucky to inhabit the same universe as Sarah"….

    Good night dear.


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