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Following the triumphant failure of the long-running series ‘Advice to a novice sub‘, this blog impertinently presents the first batch of a brand new series: ‘Advice to a novice domme’.

How dare I, you ask?  Hmmm.  That’s a good question, actually.

 And most important of all (so why isn’t it #1 – who decides these things anyway?):

…and a bonus image!

Looks like this lovely lady needs to read #18, up there, again. It took her hours to put this lot together and it’s not like he pays any more than anyone else.

0 thoughts on “Advisory warning”

  1. It could just be that he has been asked to hold the boxing glove in his mouth whilst she binds him before using him as a punch bag. Femsup

  2. …which I agree would be perfectly normal, Femsup, agreed. But what about the blue and black feathered headdress, did you consider that, man, for god's sake? It's obvious to me that the fellow's a debauched, perverted sexual deviant! And I am sure you can no more stand that sort of chap, than I can.

    There's so many perverts around, these days, it's quite scary, don't you think?


  3. I would quite like to have a go at whatever scene the lady in the bonus picture is setting up, though. I might try booking a session with a pro-domme along those lines, if I can find one with a contact form that's long enough to describe it.

  4. We should all embrace Rule #18 , I love it ! If anyone ever decides to write a book on all these off the wall fetishes ,let me know.I will stand in line to buy it,dressed in peanut butter !

  5. Thank you. Yes indeed: I am now maintaining a folder for Rule 18 violations and I expect I will put up another post on this again.

    Also Rule 3. That involves posting pictures of male submissives who are particularly physically unattractive. Some would consider this sort of mocking behaviour to consistute deliberate humiliation, and they'd be right, but I don't propose to charge the little perverts for that, so they can get off on it for free.

    Enjoy the peanut butter. From your name, I'd assumed you were more of a tuna man, but I guess it's up to you.

    Best wishes


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