It’s as far as I can take it.

Do you think you could ask him to slow down for just a moment while I write the captions under the pictures? No?  OK, well, I’ll do my – ouch, that was a deep one! – I’ll do my best. 

Sounds like someone’s having a bad day.  Who’d have thought being sissy maid to a sadistic perfectionist would be so difficult?
Trick question.  You need a lot more and she’s waiting for you to tell her that.  It’s a Mars/Venus thing, just go with it.

Her sister rebelled against the whole female supremacy thing.  Lives with a guy in Brighton and she lets him have his own pocket money and she even helps out occasionally with the housework.  Still, each to their own.

What a very sharp observation.

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  1. Must have been home schooled. And although She might want to adhere to protocols set down by Her two Mothers She might ant to do things Her own way and maybe include a fourth and fifth kiss to the top of Her heel and the then the tip. Or make the punishments for getting it wrong harsh ones instead of mid and indulgent ones. Femsup

  2. She might indeed. She's a modern young woman – no time for all that traditionalist nonsense with canes and leather straps. It's all remotely-controlled shock collars and neural pain implants now, isn't it? Shame really… still, got to move with the times.

  3. I really love the idea of her (the girl in the jeans shorts) doing it just out of friendliness! In general the idea of two persons being in an eyelevel-status while at the same time one dominating the other compells me. Would you be so kind as to recommend similar posts or stories to me?

  4. Thank you. Yes, I like those too and I suppose I have done quite a few of them, but I'm afraid it doesn't really exist as a tag within the blog, so you're just going to have to read the whole thing. There's only about… ooh, 12 years, 10 captions a week… about 6000 of them?

    I might add 'eye level' as a tag in future, though, as you're right it's a specific (and rather lovely) thing, even if I do also enjoy 'worm level' scenarios.

    Many thanks for commenting so kindly.

    Best wishes


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