Divine Order

I worship her divine shadow.

I’ve had a few bruising relationships myself, but I usually have to pay for them.
Unless she forgets, obviously.
It’s obviously preying on her mind, the poor thing.
I pay a sex worker to have vanilla intercourse, once a month.  She usually sends me a picture of the lucky guy.

She’ll get round to yours.  You just need to wait very patiently.  Try shifting your weight from side to side a bit if your knees are starting to hurt.


0 thoughts on “Divine Order”

  1. Wonderful how She is just coming to realise how exciting that might be to just pee in his mouth. It is only just dawning on Her. That's great writing. Femsup

  2. Servitor:

    A long while back you posted a caption where a woman is playing cards with a man (the audience, as is usual in your format.) He's run out of money to wager and she suggests a wager that implies he could be wagering his male parts. Do you know when you posted this caption? I've been searching for it in vain.

  3. Hmm. I do remember that. Or I think I do… unless I'm just remembering the Roald Dahl story along similar lines.

    Had a look, found a couple that are… probably not the one you're after? Take a look. I've just posted them on the Tumblr site.

  4. I just write what I hear, Femsup, I write what I hear.

    Thank you as ever for the comment (and thanks to Alex too, which I did not do in my reply above!)

  5. Man from the South is a good story. Still these captions are not the one I'm thinking of. I swear it exists. The woman in the caption is reclining on her right, my left, and wearing a red and black dress.

  6. It does exist. You're not crazy! Well, maybe you are, but not for that reason. Up on the tumblr now. It is much more closely based on the story even than I remembered.

    You know, I think you're paying way too much attention to this stuff!


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