Cries of pain are music for her banquet

A quote, or nearly so, from George Eliot, who shamefully had to pretend to be a man to get published.  What an embarassment that must be, for a woman.  Do you suppose she had to make spelling mistakes, miss deadlines and generally dumb down in correspondence with her publisher, just to appear authetically male?

Still, the quotation is rather a lovely image, isn’t it?  Here are some more.

Her impotence treatment works every time – it’s a remarkable medical breakthrough, actually.
She seems nice. What a shame you’re nothing special.  Better luck in Somalia.

She’s such a sweet person, wouldn’t hurt a fly in real life.  Still: she’ll flog him bloody and then piss on the wounds, because that’s the kind of professional she is. Then go and have dinner with Dave and maybe a cuddle before bed.

Castration manga is actually a great way to interest girls in comic books, because it’s using the medium to speak to issues that concern them as women, you know?  Also: it’s just a lot of fun, obviously.

He was quite fat when they started training him.  Still some way off the target weight of zero that they are aiming for, but he’ll get there.  In fact, he’s going to lose a whole bunch of weight all in one go next Thursday: they just haven’t told him yet.

10 thoughts on “Cries of pain are music for her banquet”

  1. You should be careful with the girls you find in the castration manga section. There can be a little more than the expected under their skirts… though never quite so much as one might expect, had he expected the unexpected.

  2. After Thursday they will have to try a different unnatainable method to torture him as he will have nothing to hang the bottles from. Femsup

  3. I hate to be the one to say what everyone's already thinking, S, but a real man definitely would have responded to these comments by now. Chop chop, boy!

  4. Yes indeed, I'm not sure how I missed this batch of comments, I normally respond fairly quickly as you know, Femsup. Oh sorry – you're not admitting to being Femsup in this comment, are you?

    A real man would – and probably does – do many things I don't do: many of them sexual. He probably wouldn't dream of doing quite a lot of the things I do do: also sexual in a perverted and twisted way. I don't let that worry me, but I will reply to the comments.

    Here we go then.


  5. I think I know the sort you're talking about but they tend not to be so interested in manga – after all, it's not the real thing, is it? In my experience those girls tend to be more interested in housework or fashion mags, although they typically get very little pocket money to buy any.

    Of course, gender identity need not follow biological sex. Myself, I identify as male, but few other people identify me as that. so it's all quite fluid.

    Many thanks for the comment.


  6. They are indeed. You'd think crawling around the countryside naked dragging weights from your bollocks would be easy, and men trying it could simply teach themselves, but it's remarkable how much difference a good coach can make.

    Hope all is well in Russia – you guys seem relatively unaffected by The Thing.

    Best wishes


  7. Oh, there's always things to hang bottles from. I once desperately pleaded with my SO to put the little metal clips anywhere except on my scrotum. Turns out eyelids are quite sensitive too – who knew? Of course, let me be clear: I am NOT suggesting the ladies above make their slave crawl around dragging weights clipped to his eyelids. That's entirely for them to decide.

    Best wishes (again)


  8. “Impotence” is a magic word. Very scary. I’m happy I have never had it but I wonder how it would feel.

    1. It feels rather boring after a while, as a matter of fact, Mr A. Fortunately, there are many ways of dealing with it. Cuckoldry, for instance, is my SO’s favourite.

      Best wishes


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