Viral captions

So the thing is still out there, doing its thing.  A few more captioned images about the thing.

It seems like it’s been going forever, like the longest ever corner time but without the delicious sense of humiliation.  I suppose it will end eventually, and we creepy freaks can return to abnormality.  One day, perhaps people will even look back on this blog and laugh.  Unlikely, I’ll admit.

For those of you worried I might get ill and die: I have actually been practising social distancing and self isolation since before it was a thing.  Mainly at parties.  Plus, I’m told that to suffer a life-threatening condition, you have to have a life, so I think I’m fine.

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  1. Superb stuff. Its always good and often brilliant. But do we want to give sissies the oxygen of publicity. Particularly when they are not getting oxygen at all. I will clap extra hard for the rape prevention units at 8pm every Thursday.

    It just goes to show how caring for captives health Women can be. He has been losing so much weight on the diet She chooses to give him and self isolating him for 2 years already shows great prescience. Femsup

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