Furious feminine

It’s not that ironic.  He strongly disapproved of it while it was being done to him, too – more so than ever, if anything.

“We” did, although only only one of us did most of the actual talking, as I recall it.

You might want to refer her to your own ‘FAM’ – that’s ‘Frantic Appeals for Mercy’

The simply divine Mistress Heather.  I for one would love to kiss the air above that foot tattoo, and even closer if allowed.

Thank goodness she realised you needed to be locked in chastity too.  How awful it would be to be locked in a prison cell for months without any ability to suffer the erotic frisson of enforced chastity at the same time.

She also has a carving knife.

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  1. Darling I told you that you check with me if you want to have an opinion about anything, ok? We will then discuss it and I will tell you what is acceptable to me and from then on that will be your opinion. Unless, of course, I change my mind and then you'll be given a new opinion on the matter.

    I hope that is clear, honey. Now get on with handwashing my white blouse.


  2. I used to think it was OK to have my own opinion, as long as I kept it to myself and did what I was told. But it turns out I was mistaken and I no longer believe that.

    Zoe: like all women, you have a right to change your mind, and of course the right to change the minds of those who depend on you for guidance too. Thank you for your comment.


  3. And being a farmers Wife I bet She knows how to milk them for their sperm. Femsup

  4. She was only a farmer's daughter but she always had a extra large crop… oh that was rubbish.

    She was only a publican's daughter but she knew how to pull a pint. Better.

    She was only a gelder's daughter but she, erm…

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