Slavish desires


Don’t worry too much about it: I’ve often noticed the women in my life using ‘if’ when they really mean ‘when’.  ‘If’ I decide to punish you… if I bring a guy home… if you fuck this up again… and so on.



They should be more charitable towards her, even if she does have some odd ideas.  After all, she’s a grieving widow, the poor thing.



It was maybe considering a little pleading whimper, but it won’t even try, now.



Medical researchers have made huge strides in pain management in recent years, as her husband will soon discover.

Abandoned gimps seem to be everywhere these days, it’s a modern plague.  Fortunately, very few people care.


0 thoughts on “Slavish desires”

  1. "When or if"… oh the torture!
    And not having permission to think about talking… ooh! sara

  2. To be clear: she's not saying you won't ever be released again, you know? She's just saying 'maybe, maybe not'. Males can be too obsessive about precision and quantification. Sometimes it's more fun just to leave things ambiguous and a little bit unknown. Adds to the spice of life.

    Best wishes


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