Malevolent society

Possibly rather alarming, but don’t worry: she’s a kind and loving person. She has cats, for example.  Cat people are always OK, right?  She has several cats and she loves them dearly.
Fortunately, scurrying is one of the things I do best.

It’s odd, because when I bring up how little I like the idea of giving blow-jobs, she says I shouldn’t rule something out without trying it!  I’m almost tempted to agree with the sexists that women can’t do logic.  But I won’t argue about it.  It’s just very frustrating, though, you know?
Looks like you owe your liberty to her.  I hope you’re grateful.

Poor Diana. Oh well, back to lesbianism I suppose.

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  1. I heard Bridget Bardot has a lot of cats, but she doesn 't like people. On the other hand, if I 'm already 35th, then… This girl like people. In some sense. ­čÖé
    Thank You, Servitor!

  2. I wouldn't fret so much about the BJs, never had one myself but been told by a past Mistress, they are over rated and I always took her word at face value. Small dick she said, I couldn't deny. Good for nothing except chores, she had a point.
    Any way, perhaps there is a way round this for you Servitor – 2 possible options:
    1) You could ask the one and only Raoul, I suspect he would be a connoisseur when it comes to having experienced BJs and let us beta's that have not had any, know whether we are missing out on anything or not…
    2) You could be less selfish than option 1 and amuse your SO and her Alpha, by telling them what you imagine one would feel like and they could correct you as needed, so then you would have learned something – so win-win

  3. I would love to get on Themyscyra to become Hera, Diana and the amazons slave for ever. To be permanently unable to cum and get kicked in the balls by them with their superhuman strength

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