There is no fire

Music only a little related. But don’t you just love the way Mistress Lennox’s voice sort of… swoops in at the start? I do. And I tried to find a version with a video, and I found this and she looks lovely, but someone’s ringing a bell, playing an electric organ and generally messing up that opening.

Sigh.  First world problems…

More things follow:

I had this wonderful puppy play session in the park, the other day.  She did that thing of making me balance a twig on my nose in sitting position?  And then she backed slowly away saying ‘stay… stayyyy’.  It’s actually quite hard to stay still for long like that, so after only seven hours, I sneezed and the twig fell off. If I ever see her again, I’ll have to tell her and be punished. Exciting thought!


Oh, just a plain vanilla ball-crusher, then? OK, sorry.  Just go ahead.

I still remember the first time she called me a ‘lazy little bastard’…
It’s actually not quite true to say she doesn’t care. She enjoys making you cry. But she’s trying to spare your feelings, the dear thing.

Yup. All about the rules.

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  1. I think that naughty Nazi is being very informal and is trying to put Her charge at his ease. After all all we have to fear is fear itself and the unknown. Femsup.

  2. Thank you, Femsup. But you know, some of us have quite a lot more to fear than that, and so did FDR from what I've heard about Eleanor,

    By the way, I wouldn't want anyone to think that this blog tolerates offensive political views. The lovely lady in the picture is a member of the Nazi Party, it's true, but she doesn't really believe in all that stuff. She just loves the work: and believe me, the colour of your skin makes no difference to her at all, we're all the same bloody mess of flesh, nerves and splintered bone on the inside, after all.


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