Never say never again

Please?  Please don’t say that. I’ll be good, I promise.  I – 

Its ridiculous really. If she wants a curvy cock, what does she think this is, neatly tucked away in the tube around my scrotum?  Women, eh?

He’ll be thanking her particularly fulsomely.*

Maybe I could have sex in the fields?  When the weather’s a bit warmer, obviously.

I wonder what the question was… Honestly, who writes these things? Why be so obscure?

And new things about bears. I’ve heard they shit in the… anyway, I’m sure you’ll have a very interesting time.

* ‘Fulsome’ is a word often mis-used to mean ‘complete’ or ‘enthusiastic’ when in fact it means ‘excessively flattering or insincerely earnest’.  I once emailed a domme I was visiting, expresing my ‘fulsome’ thanks for my treatment in our last session, to be greeted next time by a Mistress holding a dictionary and a cane.

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  1. Oh, Servitor, of course I couldn't get past the phrase about tundra. It's for my heart! 🙂 But in Russian there are other phrases close in meaning. For example: "When the cancer on the mountain will hang"! Or more soft and philosophically: "After the rain on Thursday"… 🙂
    Thank You!

  2. And there was me thinking the whole of Tadfield was protected by a fierce aura of love.

    Still. Terrified regret's pretty powerful too…

  3. A very nice and accurate observation! Funny how words and names linger in the subconscious, emerging pretending to be original. I don't think I was consciously referencing anything, I just thought it sounded like an ordinary English place.

    Perhaps we are all just puppets, playing the parts written centuries ago for us by Miss Nutter.

  4. Thank you, Alex. I am delighted to hear that Russian has so many different phrases for keeping men in hopeless, desperate chaste frustration.

    Not sure how "After the rain on Thursday" works, though. In England, that would just be "After the rain on Thursday, the rain on Friday, then the rain on Saturday, then…" and so on all the way back to Thursday again.

    Всего хорошего!


  5. Darling don't be silly, I'm sure Raoul only slapped you because you were being annoying again. You don't seem to understand that a guy like him isn't interested in the latest fashion in hemlines or shoes like you are. You are such a well trained sissy husband and he is so wonderfully hot…you know?…in a manly way. You must write to him on the pink and white stationery set mommy bought you for Christmas and say you are sorry for making him lose his temper with you. Sorry?…no you can't talk to him about the netball league either…he doesn't know the rules or the name of your favorite team. Just talk about his job or the weather…you know normal maid and master chat. Keep it non controversial….sorry too long a word for you…just keep
    it light n girly ok?.Oh and show me your sorry letter before you send it ok?. Good boy…no silly words just be a good sissy to him…I'm sure you two will get on fine…after all you both have me in common…huh?

    Well I don't know what you could say about his job. You could just ask if he has had a good day…if being a lawyer is fun…you know girlie chat…keep it light and don't annoy him again or I'll be spanking you too.

    By the way we'll have to go clothes shopping before the spring coz you need some new summer dresses and some nice nude pantyhose…I have some ideas which you will love honey.

    Oh theres the door…it's probably Rachel and Tom….they are coming out to the club with me and Raoul… mother will be babysitting you …she's on her way. Remember bed at 9.00 no arguments…pjs at 8 30…as usual sweetie…love ya.


  6. Honey I can't let you go to the men's lib group tomorrow as you are grounded.
    Anyway it's such offensive silliness. Sorry..have you forgotten? You were rude to Rachel, our darling daughter…she gave you a direct order and you were disobedient and didn't do it quick enough…..grounded for 3 weeks.

    Any way fetch me a cup of tea honey…in the summer room.


  7. Thank you, Zoe, for that lovely comment. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply but I had computer privileges taken away for a week, for looking sulky when Raoul walked across my nice clean kitchen floor in his dirty boots. As She Herself said, if I'd rather he didn't wear them indoors, I should offer to take them off myself rather than expecting him to do it. And I did and he was surprisingly good about it: from now on, when I greet him at the door he's going to let me go down on my knees and unlace the nasty things – and then I'll have an opportunity to get all that dirt off them too!

    There's usually a win-win solution like that, if you only look for it.

    Anyway, I loved your comment. I might even ask for it to be read to me again as tonight's bedtime story.


  8. Very wise and fair of you, Miss Zoe. I think lots of men experiment a bit with mens lib when they're younger, but most soon snap out of it when they settle down to married life – especially if they have daughters. Having daughters really makes you understand what's important in life – females, basically – and what doesn't matter at all, in the grand scheme of things.


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