Domesticated bliss

Oh…  now there was a reason. What on earth was it?  Ermmm… let me think.
It’s her next project for the garden, after the sun deck is all done.

They say that dieting requires self-discipline, but I’ve never found I needed any.

Oh, humour her.  Women can be silly about these things.  An occasional waterboarding is a small price to pay for a harmonious mariage, hmm?

Nothing.  Yet.

0 thoughts on “Domesticated bliss”

  1. Thank you, Destiny.

    Only just seen the pictures! I am sure they will find their way here. But one of the many things this blog is not, is topical – I generally don't put up captioned images the moment they're done. Anne will be featured here again, rest assured.

  2. (Don't you open that Trap Door!)

    …but I am very, very thankful to see Alison in Caption #2. Bit of a weakness of mine, there, not that you can tell among all the other failings…

  3. The much lamented Bitchy Jones Diary used to contain Her enthusiasm for oubliettes. Such a nice sounding word. Like a desirable residence. Femsup

  4. Ah yes indeed. Not a big fan of forced femme, the dear Mss Jones, but of course it's no business of ours to tell her what she can and cannot decide men should do.

  5. He won't open the trap door. She'll open it for him.

    Failings in a man are good. They give our betters something to work on.

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