Matronising attitudes

Well, all right. As long as I get to have my say on the subject.

That’s fair.
It’s so hard to choose sometimes, isn’t it?  Hmm… would I rather have a cock in my mouth or a turd? It’s so hard being submissive – I’ll bet other sexual perversions don’t end up causing such dilemmas.

It’s actually doubly unfair to set particularly hard questions to boys, because we’re stupider.

Hope she reads the instructions.  Apparently, if you exceed the recommended dose, it can cause quite a lot of discomfort. I mean, more than the intended discomfort, obviously.

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  1. Actually, this is part of her strategy. Through some misguided, politically correct notion that boys can be as intelligent as girls, she has a mixed class, but once the boys fail at the end of the year, they'll be put ito a special remedial class where the topics are better suited to their skills and the incentive regime is a little more… old fashioned. So she's actually got their best interests at heart, as any good teacher should.

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