A magical realm

Don’t worry: it’s not just spiders.  She can change into lots of things.  And she can change other people into other things too.  So, yeah: never dull.




Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll change you back. After all, it’s not going to be much fun for her having a boyfriend only eight inches high, is it?  Whatever could the two of you do together?




The fairy godmother is deep in the palace dungeons.  She’s treated reasonably well but for some reason the sisters insisted that she be fed nothing but pumpkin – which she hates.  Perhaps one day she’ll be granted an opportuity to explain that to them and they’ll relent.

She can and she has.  More times than she’d care to admit, actually.




Perhaps he can charm her – she loves watching men writhe and scream and I’m sure he’ll be doing plenty of that.

0 thoughts on “A magical realm”

  1. I always enjoy your 'shrinkage / threat of being eaten by a ladies cat' genre of caption. Some may say this is quite a niche genre, but I definitely think it works.

    Did you see the same VW advert in the 90s perhaps? Three people (two men and a woman) who for no explained reason had been shrunk tried to escape from a cat by an equally unexplained shrunken VW Golf? The cat eats the two men and the woman escapes across the floor and through a cat flap but without showing any concern for her consumed companions.

    One of my earliest memories of the allure of a dominant woman. Wish I could find the advert again!

  2. It's my impression the request of a humble anonymous commentator is not very important, but I must try anyways. Is there any chance in the future we get some more captions based in that wonderful realm we knew as the OWK?

  3. And very lovely too. I remember that campaign. In fact, I mostly remember it for an ad that the company swore was not one of theirs but instead a parody created by someone else. But (to someone with a sick and twisted mind – and you are, right? Or you wouldn't be reading the blog) much funnier.

    Warning that this contains scenes of violent death. But not of any females, so, you know, not so bad.

    Not a VW ad.

    I do the occasional giantess caption, but not many. There are some seriously bad photomanips out there. Alkthough some are done skillfully and actually, the ones I used to like were by this guy who did them with the men about 3-4 feet tall. So their ladies towered over them but not as humans tower over mice – more like with children; protective and overwhelming. Now if I could just shrink that far… and also hook up with Gal Gadot… but knowing my luck, I suppose that'll never happen.

    Sorry… where was I ?

    Oh yes. Thanks for commenting!

    Best wishes


  4. I don't know where you get the idea that the request of a humble anonymous commentator is unimportant, MR A. This blog treats all its male readers exactly the same: with the contempt and scorn that the sad little perverts all so richly deserve.

    Keep an eye out. Maybe you'll get want you want next Tuesday, Sept 15th? Or maybe your hopes will be dashed and you'll be cruelly disappointed… which I bet you'd get off on, you revolting little creep. (Sorry, just getting myself in the mood to write some OWK Ladies' monologue).

    Best wishes


  5. Very interesting methodology for writing femdom captions. I hope you are properly supervised and advised by a strict female superior. Better not get any overtly dominant attitudes, specially under a strict female superior.

    -A humble anonymous commentator.

  6. A very good point, Mr A, and one that no doubt will be impressed upon me still more forcefully, should my SO agree with you. Rest assured that attitudes, behaviour and self-esteem are rigorously monitored, controlled and when necessary (or just whenever it's fun to do so) modified, here chez CtD.

    What can I say? I don't make the rules.

    Anyway, OWK Tuesday next week and that's the main thing.

    Best wishes


  7. Thanks for your nice reply. I am indeed someone with such a mind, unfortunately being defective and male I was unable to use that link. Or the link is defective, or you made a mistake? Either way our Mistresses have been informed of the error..

    Best of luck with Gal Gadot! I have a similar plan involving Ana de Armas..


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