The love that dare not speak

 … without permission.

Perhaps you could write her a nice thank-you note while you’re wearing it.

No, they didn’t mention Rodney. I hope I don’t have to pay extra for him.

Just a soft little harmless thing.

When visting a French domme, once, I confused ‘quatorze’ (14) with ‘quarante’ (40).  The difference is actually very easy to remember, when the 26 ‘extras’ are laid on with full force.

She believes in having honest relationships with her clients.  Most dommes do. It must be awful for vanilla sex workers, having to pretend to like their clients and to enjoy their nasty desires.

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  1. Hey honey, good morning. Did you sleep well? It was nice with you in the bed with me. Is your CB3000 tight? It is?… but it only gets tight when you think silly thoughts about me, and you promised not to do that, didn't you? Never mind…why don't you go and get me a coffee and toast and I'll be down in a moment. Now don't look whilst I get dressed, you know you don't get to see me naked…naughty boy.

    By the way how are you enjoying being married to me, it has been 2 months now. It is fun isn't it, I agree. You are so sweet if a little forgetful of your place from time to time. You do make me laugh though how you still think of yourself as a man, when everyone knows you are a sweet little sissy boy.

    Are you going to wear that blue dress again, darling? Why not try the red one that Raoul bought you, or don't you like it now? That's better darling. such a sweet boy.


  2. You're very nice to your sweet little sissy boy, Ms Zoe. My own SO's boyfriend gave me a present once – not a dress, unfortunately, and actually barely recognisable as clothing, but he meant well – and she became all suspicious that maybe he and I had more going on than she imagined. But did he get a beating? Oh no. So unfair.

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you. But now I'm confused – I thought The Onion was suposed to be satirical? This is just good wholesome stuff. I think Serena and Alice would approve, anyway, and that's usually a good sign.

    Best wishes


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