A total portrait with no omissions

 The divine Ms Harry, for contemplation and worship.

Sometimes she’s in the mood for screaming and frantic pleading but right now she’s trying to enjoy her book, so just keep it down, hmm?

She can show you both heaven and hell – as, to be fair, can the priest but in a very different way.

See?  Cruella’s not all about bleak post-industrial settings.  This photo-shoot’s in a bleak pre-industrial setting and a refreshing change it is too.

Don’t you just hate being the third one on a date?  I do – but she doesn’t seem to care.

Go on – not many kinksters get to live out their fantasies in reality.

Mine’s ‘maggot’, by a curious coincidence.  But can readers of this blog keep that to themselves, please?  You can’t be too careful these days.  Fortunately my SO is the only one who knows the really important passwords, like the one for our bank account.  I wonder what these two need yours for? Still… best not to argue.

0 thoughts on “A total portrait with no omissions”

  1. Well I must say I am a bit surprised. I appreciate it must have needed courage to come to me today. So, let me get this clear, you want to stop being my sissy husband and take Aaron's place by my side. Is that right?

    I must say I am disappointed. I thought you had found your place in life and was happy. If you stop being my sissy then you would have to leave and therefore never see me again. No serving me. No kissing feet. No licking my smelly bottom. No serving Aaron either.

    Now I suggest you stand in the hallway with your nose pressed against the wall and think deeply about your future, ok?

    An hour later my sissy comes to me and kneels at my feet.

    "I am sorry Miss Zoe. I was being a naughty sissy. I want to continue being your humble sissy slave and serve you forever."

    "I think you should get out of my sight while I consider this. One consideration is how can I trust a sissy who could consider such an idea? I know it wasn't easy for you to come to me today. However, it was a traitorous idea. How dare you compare yourself with a real man like Aaron? Now go and get on with your chores. I have a lot to consider and I am not sure what I will decide."

    Servitor, I am so angry with sissy right now!


  2. About the young lady outside the church… she appears to have either found a way of levitating or of making the lucky male that she is sitting on invisible. Still, I suppose we have to expect paranormal events in that setting. I'm reminded of the Elvis Costello album title for some reason.. "Ten Bloody Mary's and Ten How's Your Fathers".

  3. Your anger seems quite justified, Ms Zoe. I've heard it said one should never punish in anger but I really don't see why not. It might be quite therapeutic. And of course there's nothing to stop you punishing again, when you're no longer angry, so there's really no harm in it.

    Best wishes


  4. Yes, I wondered about that (the levitation, not the Elvis Costello song). I think she must be perched sideways on a gravestone – must be murder on the buttocks, the poor thing. Pretty sure it's not a photoshop, not least because I have others from the same shoot.

    Or maybe she just has extraordinarily strong thighs. That's a pleasant thought.

    Best wishes


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