A lovely word.  Seems a pity that the plural isn’t ‘-tae’ but who am I to argue? 

Anyway, if everyone’s now comfortable with the grammar, we can put away our exercise books and contemplate the following divine inamoratas.

Secretary gives dictation and you have to take it
With apologies for returning to the grammar lesson, the feminine version of ‘dictator’ is presumably ‘dictatrix’, which is a word that I think should be used more often (mainly because it excites me).

Sexy dommes in unifrom with a slightly dodgy political subtext
Well, they’re far from home, poor things.  It must be nice to find a friendly face, who can ask them about their day, instead of just screaming and begging for mercy.

Captioned image of female domination whose point escapes me for the moment
Dave is having a good hard think about his attitude too.

Caption femdom wife keeps her house clean with vigorous caning
I’d post a picture of the rest of the bathroom, but I thought you’d rather see her.  It’s pretty good, though, believe me.  Four hours well spent.  Every Saturday for the rest of your life.


Captioned image of something thats probably copyright
Don’t ask me, I just write them…

Oh, by the way.  If you’re still reading this blog then you probably like captioned images of female domination that try to go a bit beyond the traditional “Im gonna fuck you in the ass youre my bitch” approach.  Or you just like the pictures (and I do try to keep the words out of the way of the good bits).  Whatever, if you do then you are almost certainly going to like this: Celibate Hubby 

At the time of blogging, the top one is actually one of mine (properly and kindly referenced, so that’s fine) but hardly any of the rest are, and I think they’re really good.  My own personal favourites?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  ThisThis.  Oh, definitely this. Mmmmm this.  And many more.

Go on, there’s no more here today so you might as well head on over.

0 thoughts on “Inamoratas”

  1. Thanks for the kind review Servitor. I'm still surprised to see which posts resonate with people; you just never know what folks will like. I always try to credit and link everything that isn't mine. So, if you see a caption w/o a link, it originated with me. It's interesting to see my captions show up on other web sites presented as though it is their work. I see you also have had the same experience.

    Ralph aka Celibate Hubby

  2. MR Servitor
    I like the second from the bottom photo and caption.One thing that i love about your photos and captions, is that in many of them the woman is smiling a swett,but wicked, smile as she casually orders her husband about. I like the fact that the women are casual in ordering thehusband about.And that the women are often casually dressed with a fresh "soccer mom next door " look and a sweet smile on thier face

    Normally i dont like most "femdom" captions and photos on the internet.But i like the way you do have good taste and a great way of writing captions

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