Being the best she can make me

You know, there are whole ‘pick-up artist’ sites that are all about how to get women to take their panties off, but none of them have hit upon this very simple technique.  It’s just about understanding her needs, really.

I would.  I wonder what it would have felt like.
Going to be a long, hot summer.
More women suffer from having excessively deep vaginas than many men realise – almost everyone I’ve been on a date with has had that problem, remarkably.

It’s a form of ‘one woman one vote’ system.
Further details available here.

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  1. It does look like my idea of Elise Sutton. Very cute one about the queue for the Ladies. I Woman 1 vote indeed. And the Annearchy I know has particular relevance for you dear friend. Femsup

  2. Well, maybe. It's up to her (most things are). She's OK with sharing, but there are limits, right? Maybe three or four – at most.

  3. Yes, indeed dear friend (and disgraceful pervert). Despite the similarities in names, oddly enough, Annearchy is quite distinct from Anarchy. The latter is a system with very few rules or limits on personal freedom, but under an Annearchy it's precisely the opposite, except for the First Citizen herself, obviously.

  4. Aww honey do not worry about Simon he didn't mean anything. It's just that when you go all kinda macho it makes him laugh that is all. There you are in your prettiest summer dress trying to talk about mpg and emissions in his Mercedes car when it is obvious to everyone in the room, including my mother and her new boyfriend that you don't know what you are talking about…so funny. Then when he started to ask you questions you looked so bewildered everyone thought you were going to cry. Poor lamb you do get in a pickle. I agree he shouldn't have laughed at you but it was funny you must admit….I SAID YOU MUST ADMIT, darling…..better. Now go and lay my clothes out for my date tonight. Hurry Simon will be here soon. Thanks honey.


  5. I rarely go all kinda macho, to be honest. I once tried opening my shirt three buttons below the neck, to show off my manly chest, but if you're wearing a bra that fastens at the back, the effect isn't that impressive.

    Many thanks for all of your wonderful comments.


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