Superior judgement

She didn’t ask what Tony thought of it, of course. He’d have just the same opinion as Jane, anyway.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t brought one she’s probably got something you’ll be able to use to become really sorry.
They had to lift the ban on cruel and unusual punishments, of course.

They seem very nice, don’t they?
Behind the scenes, the Avengers movies are a lot more femdom than they seem. I’ll just mention that Iron Man is not the only one who wears a rigid metal shell, and leave it at that, I think.

0 thoughts on “Superior judgement”

  1. Those two Sisters talking about their fathers falling asleep in the washing are very fair with him.

  2. Yes, they're very fair. Dominant women tend to be, My own dear SO is always very fair with me, sometimes so fair that I can't comfortably sit down for days afterwards.

    Many thanks for comenting!


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