I’m going to be, what she wants me to be

My girl (2 – the one with the sexier video – from the 1969 movie Sweet Charity).  

I’ve always been a sucker for a ‘dominatrix ponytail’ – and there are a lot more of them in this clip from the original movie.

Sounds like the perfect evening to me. I think there might even be half a packet of Hob-nobs left.

She can be very reasonable.  Also, surprisingly unreasonable.  But that’s married life.

Serious stuff: Marcia’s job’s on the line here.  I’ll keep you posted if there are any developments.
He’s moved on.  Why can’t she?
There: the science has proved it.  ‘Men are almost as fully human as women’.  I shall have to make sure my SO reads this. Perhaps she’ll start treating me as a near-equal.

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  1. Well… obviously it'll be up to her how exactly to measure it. A spit-roast, for example, would probbaly only count as one.

    A ten fuck limit isn't actually as restrictive as it sounds, anyway. My first girlfriend imposed a ten-fuck limit on me and if I ever reach it and need to ask her permission for more, I suppose I'm going to have to find out where she lives these days. But it's more of a theoretical difficulty than anything that's going to affect my life in a practical way, you know?

  2. Phenominal stuff from yourself. And from the scientific community which has been feed from the strictures of a patriarchal culture. Under Female Supremacy more funding has been released for noble studies of finding the truth about males. And this underscores our propensity to want to produce slime and our love of being crushed under boots. Femsup

  3. Ad shipping containers used to be the staple of bondage magazines (one understands) how nice that they are now being employed for males use.How practical Marcia's colleague is. She has been through this all before. Why should the ambulance staff have to clean up. Very inconsiderate.

  4. Yes indeed. I wasn't entirely convinced when I read the research. 1/23 maggot – me? It just feels too low. Not of course that I would for one second be qualified to challenge the scientist's results – she's a woman, after all.

  5. Did they? Are you sure you weren't getting off to "Shipping Logistics Monthly" by mistake?

    As for Marcia, I just wonder whether domination is really her thing. THis isn't the first time, and as you said it's typically others that have to clean up.

  6. Yes a magazine to be found at the end of "Have I Got News For You". Just suppose though that they covered Female Supremacist Weekly just before it became Daily. I have a sneaking suspicion the posh one on the panel might be in favour. Femsup

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