120 minutes a slave

…followed by a slightly stilted conversation while putting my clothes back on, a quick hug, a kiss of her hand, then back out and switch on the mobile to find out what craziness has been going on at work while I’ve been in session.

You can get upgraded to business class.  The container’s only slightly bigger (though you do feel the difference after a long flight, I find) but you get meaty chunks from a proper tin of food instead of those dry pellets.
Nurses have seen it all, of course, but many women find it quite offensive when a man visibly develops an erection in their presence.  My SO certainly does, and has been helping keep that side of my personality under tight control.

Sometimes you can tell even without looking at them.  And sometimes you just beat them anyway, on the off-chance.  It’s all good.
On my very first date, I actually had a premature orgasm – which was very embarassing.  You see, I was wearing light-coloured trousers, so when she opened the door and said hello, I exploded in a very visible dark stain.  Fortunately, that was the last bad thing that happened on that date, although I did almost get caught on the nose by the door as it slammed shut again.
What do we want? Justice!

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  1. She is. An opportunity to help a friend out arose and she just took it without hesitation. Dan's not so nice – do you know, he never even thanked her?

  2. It's normal that Kurt envies me, not only I have sexual satisfaction more easily than him, but I'm better than him in various domains: ironing, cooking, handwashing, scrubbing the floors…
    Maybe it explains why I'm married and not him

  3. That sounds likely. He hides it well, but he's burning inside. I expect he's lonely: men who go out partying all the time, sleeping with scores of beautiful women often are, deep down, I've heard. Plus it must be uncomfortable, walking around with a cock that size squeezed into his tight trousers. Poor sod.

  4. Exactly, his cock is way too big, he couldn't wear any chastity device, they're all too small. It's not a life, thanks god I've a 3 inches long cock: no panties or chastity devices can resist me!

  5. imagine having to f*** to for 15 mins to reach orgasm like Kurt, he must be well jealous of you!
    So not surprising, he'd go mad, having to wait as long between orgasms as you or me for that matter.
    with a big cock, must come big balls, that need emptying more frequently, which must become quite a chore and would really disrupt one's daily chore routine, taking time away from what she considers really matters – oh the lottery of life…

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