Head under heels

That’s the way I fell in love, many years and almost as many orgasms ago…

It’s important to fight back against the stereotypes.  Wear the t-shirt, use the hashtag, carry the pliers.

Well, it’s more romantic than stealing them from clotheslines.

It’s best not to think about it too much.  Thinking generally isn’t a sissy maid’s strong point anyway.

I’ve never really understood knitwear fetishism, although enforced knitting as an alternative to line-writing has its attractions.

Thank goodness for that. Lots of vanilla escorts wouldn’t have been so in tune with your needs, you know, might have just gone ahead and given you a blow job anyway.  She’s obviously very special.

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  1. Dear Servitor. One day, would you be able to reprise your post which I remember as "Anna's bras are hand wash only". And thank you for all your lovely posts. I really enjoy them. Melissa

  2. What a knd comment, thank you. Anna's bra guidance has been reposted on the Tumblr site: https://servitor-again.tumblr.com/

    Oddly enough, I think I was once asked to repost that one before. It's obviously something that subs need a lot of reminding about. Which would make Anna very happy, as I happen to know she has quite strong views on the subject.

    Best wishes


  3. They do say that women become their mothers, so if you want to know what your wife will be like in future, look at your mother-in-law.

    I suppose that in many cases, that's supposed to be a rather sexist warning but I find the thought rather encouraging. My own mother-in-law rarely hits me as hard as my beloved wife and hasn't the slightest interest in applying electric shocks to my genitals, so maybe the love of my life will mellow a little with age.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you. Anna is of course quite right to gently remind her slave of her requirements. What a nice understanding lady. She must have mellowed a bit because I heard that the last slave who made that mistake was made to crawl into the washing machine (it was one of those big American ones) and she put it on for a hot wash with a double measure of detergent. "Making the punishment fit the crime", she said.

  5. As it happens the loving husband (he prefers that term to 'slave') in that particular image doesn't need reminding of that. He's hand-washed enough bras to know how she likes them, now. No: she's just running through the house rules, as she does from time to time. He's fine on No 7, the bra one, but he struggles sometimes with Nos 12 and 26, so it's worth doing.

  6. I think using the b word for Ms Amanda is indicative of just why he might need a little modification in the girly boy bits. And to keep his longer the other sissy should report him. Femsup

  7. Just shows you they come in all sizes castratrixes. Just like what the like to cut off. Femsup

  8. Right again, Femsup. Oh, there are a few little clues that a skilled observer might be able to pick up on, but in truth the only way to discover for certain whether any given woman has interests in that direction is to let yourself be strapped tightly to a table and just see what she does. That can also build a lot of trust in a relationship, as it happens.

    Best wishes


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