When a boy loves a woman

He’d give up all his comforts and sleep out in the rain, if she said that’s the way it ought to be.

Free healthcare?
Perhaps you could charm her into giving you a free drink.
Any man complaining about how frustrated he feels in chastity is just missing the point.  Still: the wives are involved now, so things should get back on track.
Music has charms.  So does she.
No rush.  He can stay like that for a long time.  Let’s talk through those options.

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  1. Any groups of males unsupervised is dangerous. Just suppose after all that whinging and wining they started talking with purpose about getting out of their situation. Illegal releases and other terrible crimes. No its very right She is there to guide their conversation and more importantly their thoughts. Femsup

  2. Yes, good idea Alex. They could even hear from someone who's benefitted from the Ministry's rape prevention programme.

  3. Yes, she likes wearing pretty dresses. And she likes giving guidance on men's issues – which also sometimes involve dresses, although usually more utilitarian in style. Thank you for commmenting, Furc.

  4. Thank you Femsup. I can see that No 3 up there struck a chord. It's a conversation we've all had, huh? And the gratitude exercises help me remember it word for word.

  5. I meant whining but being the inadequate foolish male that I am I misspelt it. Slaves shouldn't be allowed wine. Femsup

  6. Slaves shouldn't be allowed to whine either – but so many of them do. It must become very tiresome for our betters.

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