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On the other hand, until she’s actually checked the lingerie, she won’t know.  I mean, he might.

Safewords are a hard limit for my own domme.  She understands why some people like to use them in play, but it’s just not for her.  Or – therefore – for me, obviously.

Oohhh I ‘d say… three times…maybe three and a half times?  Oh – sorry – you mean in absolute terms?
Gotta take out those male supremacist religious maniacs.  We like female supremacist religious maniacs.  With a vigorous approach to rooting out sin.

I’ve heard employers like to see a broad range of skills on your CV (resumé, Americans, resumé), so this sounds like 10,000 hours well spent.

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  1. There was I thinking yes its Afghanistan but what are Israeli soldiers doing there. Then that twist at the end. Yes we do condone Female Supremacists doing what they need to do. Femsup

  2. Ah, I'm afraid I'm not that good at recognising military insignia and suchlike. Femsup. I'm a boy, so I'm just not interested in feminine things like guns and fighter jets. Show me an aircraft carrier and I'll happily scrub the deck, but that's about as far as my military expertise will take me.

  3. And all those squaddies boots. I think I might be an expert in their tread with all those lovely patterns. They show up so well when their mud is imprinted on our skins. Femsup

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