Alternative facts

I know you all yearn for a Goverment committeed to the smack of firm but loving matriarchal discipline but if we’ve learnt anything over the last year or two, it’s that in politics anything can happen and it doesn’t always turn out the way we might like.

As for those males commited to absurd old-fashioned notions like sexual equality and who might think that the future envisaged under President Hathaway is oppressive (to be honest, not many such males read this blog), they need to be aware that another world is certainly possible.  

I was going to say “your choice, guys”.  But of course, it won’t be.


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  1. Yes we should be grovelling at Ms Hathatways feet imploring Her to implement Her governments policies. I do wonder if neo cons get high on women not having any state power over them? At least males get two chances at contravening the testicle licence act. I love the way the onus is put on the male to prove he has a licence. No nonsense that the dog ate it or it was destroyed in the wash. Femsup

  2. Wouldn't it be lovely (breaks into song) if it really was the law and not just the day dreams and every now and then fancy of males. Love the then and now's. I think too a new standard of male beauty would be that thin is in. Weak and helpless and emaciated and the camps and prisons know just how to help males with dieting. Femsup

  3. Didn't Esther Rantzen start a help line for abuse. I can see her chairing this one with calls by men being battered interspersed with dogs saying sausages and potatoes in funny penis shapes. Of course she would then cut up those some sausages and peel some of those potatoes. Femsup

  4. Men's Libbers are getting help with their diets by these nice ladies?

    This way MAYBE they can be a little more attractive and be of SOME use to society.

    Those ladies are SO MUCH nicer than those silly libbers deserve!

  5. Males are a bubbling cauldron of naughtiness.
    We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that those disgusting impulses will be controlled by the adult sex!
    Women will now be able to channel our destructive impulses into constructive ones.
    Housework certainly comes to mind!

  6. If your idea is that you'll only lose one if you're caught outside without your testicle license, Femsup, I am afraid you are in for a painful shock.

  7. I don't think men should have to diet or otherwise control their food intake, just to conform to a standard of beauty established for women's pleasure. That would be sexist. Much better just to let them control the food supply directly.

  8. Goodness, Femsup, you're really going for it today, aren't you? Have you got nothing better to do with your hands while looking at the blog (locked up again, huh? Yeah – I think we all know how that is)?

    I'm just kidding. Keep commenting, keep coming back unless of course Someone important forbids you to do so!

    Esther Rantzen can report on important scandals as well, in her programme taking calls from abused males. Pension mis-selling, that kind of thing. You know: to give it a serious edge.

  9. Oh, men's libbers have their place in this world. I illustrated it in one of the pictures above. Anyway, there's some use for everyone. If there weren't men's libbers around, how would women with a fetish about using branding irons get their kicks, after all?

  10. Housework invariably comes to mind, SH. It's my first thought of the day when I wake up and it's still on my mind when I ease myself into bed again 16 hours later.

    Good to see you here again! Obviously, the terms of the surrender weren't quite as harsh as they might have been.

  11. Some might have called it 'harsh' but they would generally be ungrateful libbers!
    I would call the terms 'more than fair'!
    Her Majesty sometimes honors me by keeping me busy serving her more than usual, and for those times as for all times I am eternally grateful!

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