Someone to look up to

That’s the nice thing about really painful experiences in session – you just have to react naturally.
The Collective believes that all property, including males, should belong to the group as a whole. All citizens are equal – and all slaves are equal too, I suppose.
Don’t you just hate waiting until she’s finished on the phone? There are all those moments when she seems to be saying goodbye, then it’s ‘oh – one more thing!’. I find it very frustrating.
You can play Jabba the Hut… some sort of sluglike vermin, anyway.
Don’t worry, the prep isn’t at all uncomfortable. Just a shave, which might tickle a bit, then securing your hands and ankles firmly to the trolley, which many men find to be quite cosy and reassuring.
What do dommes do to unwind? This, it seems.

5 thoughts on “Someone to look up to”

  1. ”Max darling. Stop complaining. I am only reminding you, OK?”

    THWACK! ”One. Thank you, goddess.”

    His mother: ”What did he do, Zoe.”

    THWACK! ”Ouch!!! Two. Thank you, goddess.”

    ”Do, Marjorie? This is just, what I call, a reminder.”

    Marjorie: ”He always makes such a fuss.”

    THWACK! ”AAAArgh!!! Three. oh! Thank you, goddess.”

    ”I know. Be quiet, Max. He is an ungrateful toad, actually.”

    Marjorie: ”Just like his father. His bottom is nice and red now. So sweet. Once, his dad broke a vase with flowers. Water everywhere!! It wasn’t a special vase, but he was caned for it. Can’t remember how many. He cried and cried.”

    THWACK! ”Four. Thank you, goddess.”

    ”Louder, Max. Stop talking into your chest. Did you have to punish his daddy very often?”

    THWACK! ”Owww !! ”Five. Thank you, goddess.”

    Marjorie: ”Not very often, actually. He is a good boy. He was just clumsy, you know?”

    ”Yes, I know. I am going to need a cup of coffee in minute.”

    THWACK!!! ” aargh!!! ‘Six. Thank you, goddess.”

    ”What do you say, Max?”

    ”Thank you for correcting me, goddess. I am a stupid male sissy without excuse. You are a high goddess without fault. Thank you for noticing me and helping me to get better, goddess.”

    Marjorie: ”Sweet boy.”

    ”Dry your eye and serve coffee and cake in the sun room.”

    Sweet boy!


    1. Some women really enjoy beating a man. Admit it. She gets real pleasure from it and even sometimes is turned on by it.
      Cane and whip away . Enjoy !
      Female privilege.

    2. Silly Maxie. Doesn’t he realise that the more often and more vigorously he is reminded, the less often he’ll have to receive real punishments?

      Best wishes


  2. Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra…..

    Now that’s an obituary.

    Mr M

    1. I’d prefer to be strangled by someone else’s bra, but then Goddess Carrie got to make her own rules.

      Best wishes


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