You know how bad girls get

Ah.. school days – cold showers, long tedious detentions, horrible over-cooked cabbage for lunch, exams and homework… not to mention the corporal punishment and the humiliating bullying.  It seems so long ago now… must be months at least. I really must book another session.

No I never said that!  So unfair, you horrible old cow.  Oops.

But not so brave as to refuse. There’s brave and there’s sheer suicidal lunacy.

Spelling ‘wear’ wrong shouldn’t go unnoticed and uncorrected, either. 
Mistress Teresa May, obviously.  Of all the things that could complicate a career in professional domination, “Having the same name as the Prime Minister” (or vhery nhearly the same) was probably not one that she anticipated.
I think she’s probably right there.  You might have to conduct a careful examination of her feet before you’re sure, though.

He probably doesn’t know what the capital of Gabon is. Trouble is, nor does she.  I wonder how they’ll resolve the impasse?

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  1. A boy might only think that his immediate family are able to beat or control him. But he can share his submission with other pupils and feel a community run along Female lines. The world for him is run by Women. Femsup

  2. It takes a village to enslave a man, so they say. Yes, I thik a female-run world would be based much more on caring, mutually-spoortive comunities, as well as brutal, harsh slavery. They can gave it all…

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