Confidently supreme

She doesn’t like ‘torturess’ either.  It’s sexist. Like a woman can’t torture people just as well as a man, you know? Better, even.  So don’t call her that.  Call her… oh I don’t know. Something respectful, I’d suggest. Very respectful.

‘You’re a taxi!’  It’s an old joke, but I like to make my date laugh.  Often, the evening together ends with her leaving my apartment almost hysterical with laughter. In fact, I bumped into an old flame the other day and she started giggling as soon as she saw me.

No problem. That’s what Kenny is here for.  He pays handsomely for the privilege, after all.

I wouldn’t mind, but I read that book before, counting ‘the’ for another Mistress.
 This is the wonderful Lady Sophia Black, who is if anything even more wonderful in person than Her online persona (which is very, very wonderful indeed).
Hmmm.  She seems to have mostly disapppeared from the Internet.  Now that is a loss.
Choking on someone else’s vomit?  Unpleasant but, well, you know, Her kink is not your kink. Or anyone’s.
Mistress Cassie Hunter, the Hunteress, who seems not to have retired after all.  So that’s a bit better.

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