And make her some great Princess, six feet high!

Grand, epic, homicidal.

Armpit Fetishist Monthly is just another example of the decline of traditional media, another fine publication swept away by the Internet.  I recall their cookery page with particular affection.
…and by the way, I have posted this before even with the same comment, but… Oh.  My.  Goddess.  I have to see this  movie!
My office established a system of disciplinary procedures for inappropriate sexual activity. Which to my mind is just having your cake and eating it too… or would be, were I allowed cake.
I’m thinking of paella – perhaps a nice Rioja to go with it? And maybe Roger might like to try bastinado, in keeping with the Spanish theme.
With luck, she’ll take up chewing gum obsessively.
Love hurts and so does she.
By the way, this lady is going to feature here rather a lot from now on. Unless she takes out an injunction or something (don’t you hate it when women do that?).   Nata!

0 thoughts on “And make her some great Princess, six feet high!”

  1. Guess I'll be getting into armpits soon, lol! 🙂
    Love the one-day a week normal sex… seems like the best deal we can get! kiss, sara

  2. Me thinks the beatings with the tawse on the hands might be every month. And then his performance would go down on the computer with those sore hands. So some more sanctions applied very smartly to other portions of his anatomy. Well seeing as he can't get them on his hands. Femsup

  3. Actually, despite mocking it, while selecting the right picture for that caption, I accumulated quite a little treasure trove of armpit pictures: including the divine Anne, and sweet Nata Lee too. I might even publish my own edition of AFM one day. If I can find somoeone to write the cookery column.

    Kiss back


  4. I once tried to argue with my SO, before a particularly vigorous hand-tawsing, that it could cause my work perfomance on the computer to go down (work performance only: my performance maintaining my 'perverted little blog' is of no interest to her). She laughed and let me into an extraordinary secret: even though 12 in the palms with the tawse can cause work performance to fall, a good 36 laid on hard actually causes it to go up. Especially if repeated weekly.

    I'll confess, at first I didn't see how that could be possible but she showed me and I found it very convincing.

    It just goes to show… women know best.


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