I’ve suffered for my art

Now it’s your turn.

I suppose a little light felching’s not going to harm my heterosexual credentials.

Brave?  I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘fear’.  Janice does, though.

Safewords only work if you’re actually safe.

Goths, eh? Better humour her, she’s obviously very upset.

Or unless they commit serious crimes, such as making sexist jokes or publishing disrespectful captioned images of famous actresses, obviously.

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  1. Last post you mentioned you were on tumblr but not bdsmlr? Are you servitor.tumblr? Cause contemplatingthedivine.tumblr didn't exist, but servitor.tumblr has no posts and seems to just be some guy in a suit.

  2. servitor-again.tumblr.com

    But there is not a single picture there that has not already appeared here and I don't post stories or anything like that. I actually set it up as a possible alterative location for this blog, when Google threatened to shut down all adult blogs (hence the odd name: 'again'). This blog is considered 'adult' despite the utter childishness and immaturity of almost everything that appears here. Anyway, Google relented, so all I do there is flag when there is a new post here and also put up two random captioned images (but no nakedness – not on Tumblr!) per day, that have previously apeared on this blog.

    So… yeah, there's nothing additional there, for 'readers' of this blog, I am afraid.

    Best wishes


  3. Darling, now we are engaged I am going to introduce you to some of my friends. Tomorrow night we are going to a dinner party with Katy and Peter. As the conversation flows I want you to remember three important things, ok? Firstly, no opinions I haven't approved….even an opinion about the weather…secondly, do not speak without my approval…if you want to speak you rise your little pinky and wait for me to notice and give you a nod…but no macho talk and no conversation with Peter on guy stuff, ok…and thirdly, when Katy and I have finished eating so have you and Peter..I don't want to wait for you to finish, it's disgusting.

    This will be our first date since we announced our engagement, I am so excited, Katy is one of my oldest friends…I knew her at Junior School.

    Now, whilst we are chatting I think it is a good opportunity to review your performance since we have been engaged for four months. I am pleased to tell you that I am generally pleased with you. You have learnt how to please me, you are obedient and spoil me as I deserve. However, there are two things I am not pleased about. One, you give orders to the servants without checking with me first. Yesterday you gave Polly or Poppy, whatever her name is, permission to take the week-end off to visit her sick mother. This was very inconvenient for me as my sister was coming over on Saturday and I would have to rely on another maid…I think her name is Agnes…to serve cake and coffee, to take coats and generally be useful. I am not used to Agnes being so close to me and so I am not happy. It is done now and so Polly can visit her mother. Two you have not transferred the ownership of this house and the sixteen other houses you own to my sole name. I expect you to do that very quickly or I will be very angry, do you understand?

    I must say you did transfer your monthly paycheck to my account, so that is good.

    Now, what shall I wear tonight, you may give and opinion, darling. My red dress? Which one?..the short tight one? You like that one huh? No I'm wearing my new black dress with the diamente detail…don't you like that one? You do? Right answer, good boy. I'll wear my nude pantyhose with my black 4" court shoes…what? I'll look georgeous ? Why thanks kind sir.

    Ok get on with your chores, and see your solicitor and transfer the houses….oh by the way, can you speak to your son and daughter to treat me like their mommy and be good, kind and obedient…they give me so much lip…I don't think your daughter, Rachel, approves of the age difference…24 years is a big gap..but when you are in love, it doesn't matter huh? She was bit shocked that you met me so soon after her mommy died….little did she know I was waiting in the wings…hehehe..so funny.

    What? You will speak to them both, good boy…make it sooner rather than later, please.

    Darling, don't hold me like that and try to kiss me…I've just done my lippy…bad boy…You think I am so pretty? Why thanks. I am going into town now to do some clothes shopping, can you fetch the keys to the Lexus…that is the grey one?…good boy.

    See you later.


  4. Great to see Her when She was younger. Before She became President and before She even became the leader of the American Female Supremacist movement. Femsup

  5. Yeah, the politics came later. She realised it wasn't enough just to have an idyllic home life: she needed to help make the world a better place too. And she did.

    Best wishes


  6. Yes She didn't want to keep such a good thing to Herself. Shows how giving Women are. Femsup

  7. What a splendid life awits your betrothed, Lady Zoe. Perhaps the next time he allows Polly some time off, he could help out more directly. Give Agnes the night off too. Could get quite romantic – I mean, do you really need a maid at your beck and call all the time? Now you have a man about the house to look after you?

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