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A few weeks ago, I published ‘Advice to a novice domme‘ in which, among many other wise and practical ideas, I humbly suggested that dommes should not “assign actual housework tasks to ‘sissy maids’ because they’ll fuck them up and might actually damage your stuff.  All they want to do is mince around with a feather duster and then get spanked, anyway”.

It occurs to me that several sissy maids might be offended, hurt and humiliated by this suggestion.  That’s absolutely fine, of course, no one cares about a few sulky sissies. I’m sure your mistress can wipe that frown off your face, with a few well-aimed slaps from her palm.  And for those who have a humiliation kink, perhaps you should even send me some session fees as compensation, hmm sissy?

But if there are still any sissies out there stamping their little feet, balling their fists together and having squeaky tantrums, here is some actual proof (all images certified collected at random from the Internet, so I think we can agree their accuracy is unquestionable) that you’re all completely useless. 

Proud to present: cleaning sissies, on the job

A little dishwashing mop, sissy? For that task?  Only… I don’t see any dishes there, do you?  Oh – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mop quite so pristine…. I’d have thought that if you’ve been working hard using it, it would have been a little discoloured by now? That lady behind you looks quite cross, doesn’t she? But then maybe that’s what you’re hoping for.
Good idea sissy.  Nothing worse than a dusty TV-cabinet.  Let’s fluff that dust up so it settles somewhere else.
Dusting the floor, sissy?  OK, well, whatever.

Not a shoe brush.  And you’re out of uniform, sissy, you bad girl.

Also not a shoe brush. So not a shoe brush.  What is that thing?  Also, sissy, the technique seems to involve your domme standing on one (high-heeled) foot, holding her other foot off the ground, while you flick at the shoe with… with that.  She’s going to be almost as uncomfortable as you are.  Well: until she decides to make you more uncomfortable still, I suppose.

Uh-huh. Might take quite a while to get the whole house done.  Still… I expect you’re paying by the hour, so that’s not her problem.

I don’t even want to think about what’s going on here, but I suspect it’s not conducive to really effective cleaning.
That’s right, sissy.  Mistress is going to be very pleased with you when she looks out through the sparkly clean, erm… lower half of each of her ground floor windows. Dommes never use the top halves of windows; it’s a well-known fact.


What is it with sissy maids and feather dusters?

So… let me make sure I understand.  You’ve got the brush from a dustpan and brush set and you’re placing a few bristles from it against the floor?  Right.  And this is intended to accomplish what, exactly? I mean in cleaning terms, rather than sexual gratification, obviously.

Oh good: another feather duster.  And… what are you planning to clean with that, sissy?  The floor?  That mat?  I don’t think so.  Not ‘cleaning’ cleaning.

…and just for avoidance of doubt: if actually instructed to use an inappropriate cleaning implement, then you’d better bend your head down and get on it it, hadn’t you, hmm?  That pert little mouth is for scouring and sponging the kitchen floor, not for answering back, girl!  And don’t you forget it.

Now: for any sissy maid still offended…  Just stop crying, girl, you’re just smudging your make-up and making yourself look even more ridiculous than usual, OK?  Don’t worry: no one’s going to take your feather duster away.  Or your frillies.  Goodness: what a fuss!

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  1. Great stuff. We know they are all self indulgent men who want to be the centre of attention and care more for their frills than the Females they are "serving". I nearly cried with laughter at these. Femsup

  2. The one stomping about in a gas mask like a gorilla was the funniest and much of it due to the comment. Brilliant stuff. Femsup

  3. Of course, there may be reasons why a Domme might want to make it really dificult for their sub to do a good job…. It's like the concept that only the gods are allowed to acheive perfection… You are right with the feather dusters of course, and I dread to think what happens when all that dust kicked up causes a sneeze…

  4. I know – dreadful men, aren't they? So unlike the majority of men who seek out pro-dommes, whose only thought is for their Superior Mistress's pleasure.

    I should admit, by the way, that when the world is not battling plague, I do actually visit an extraordinarily beautiful Goddess in a small town in England, dress up in a maid's outfit and clean her dungeon floor. Which is generally fairly clean already, actually. But at least I use a dustpan and brush followed by a sponge with a bucket of warm water… I don't feather duster the place.

    Glad you enjoyed. It was fun to write.


  5. He's hoping to be used as a hoover. She attaches the tube to some vaccum cleaner attachments and she pushes it around the floor while he sucks as hard as he can.

    Now, I expect you're thinking that would not be very effective, but you're wrong: in actual fact it doesn't work at all.

    Still, it can be fun trying. 2.40 or thereabouts (but watch the whole thing)

  6. Well possibly that's the exception that proves the rule on perfection. I mean it's hard to fault the story of "Geoff" except maybe that its strong on character and short on plot…

  7. Less succinctly, you're right of course that only goddesses can achieve perfection. I used to think my SO made things deliberately difficult for me – you know, setting me up to fail so I can be punished – but I once jokingly asked her about it and apparently she doesn't do that: I just fail at everything because I'm a useless fucking idiot. So that's me told.

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