Divine furies

No, not ‘furries’. The Furies “were goddesses of vengeance and justice. Symbolized by snakes and blood, the Furies travelled the earth dispensing punishment, as well as torturing souls in the Underworld, the Greek realm of the dead.” Don’t they sound lovely?

That’s the thing about girls that boys often don’t get: girls like to play together as a team, all working towards a common goal even in what is notionally a competition. Superior social skills, you see. They hunt in packs.
Of course, she’s going to need occasional videos to prove he’s still alive and they’re treating him right.
Some subs find real ashtray play with lit cigarettes quite challenging but the trick is to adopt the right attitude: as long as the domme doesn’t give a flying fuck whether they find it difficult or not, it’ll all work out.
It’s a mistake to think boys don’t need any education in maths. If a pair of panties takes 30% longer to handwash when it’s her time of the month, for example, what time on a Sunday does her sissy maid have to begin washing the week’s supply in order to leave time to start the dinner? Of course, males can get help – my SO very frequently lets me practice counting, along with thanking her.
Haven’t you got better things to do than just stare at her suspenders and stocking tops? No? Oh, OK then.
Kitten doesn’t want you to be sad. She wants you to be happy because she’s happy.

…and a bonus image, in the unlikely event that any of you have been following the viral ‘Bentley girl’ breakout of the lady pictured above (whom I call ‘Kitten’ and place – no doubt grossly unfairly – in captioned images to epitomise exploitative but hot ‘sugar daddy’ style findomme). Example video here, Kitten herself getting into the joke here….

If you don’t know the videos, you won’t get it, and it’s not femdom… but then that’s why it’s a bonus, see? Like getting an extra slap from a domme when leaving a session, without paying any more.

17 thoughts on “Divine furies”

  1. My red hot woman just took money and left me for her bull. I was humbly kissing her one foot while her other foot was kicking me in the balls. I’m sure Kitten would never do that, would she??

    1. That’s just a good division of tasks.
      You take care of je economical need while he takes care of her physical ones

      1. He or she. I don’t know if the word bull can be used when it refers to a woman

        1. You’re a genius. He sends money, he’s under your female spell, while your lesbian lover acts as your bull, a she is butch.

      2. That’s right, Maria. men need good honest hard work, women need money… it’s a perfect fit, so why do so many couples find things difficult?

        Best wishes


  2. This is Coulomb’s law describing electrostatic attraction. I was expecting a joke about men being more attractive when they’re wearing an electric collar! The numerator does look like two penises.

    1. I am strangely flattered you’d expect a joke actually using the equation in the image, rather than just some random maths-sounding gibberish, which is what you got.

      I’ll try to do better in future, as I alaways say at the end of a school roleplay session, although I never seem able to get better grades that way.

      Many thanks for your comment

      Best wishes


    1. You arouse him, deny him, humiliate him, and make him work two jobs to send you gifts and money.

      1. I’ve been such a bad horny boy. I need to be punished and to pay for being worthless.

        1. Well, if you’re willing to pay, Alberto, the world is happily full of ladies (and, no doubt, for even less money: gentlemen too), who would be only too happy to oblige.

          Best wishes


        1. Yes, punishment takes form of me crawling on all fours, naked, puts humbler on me, and then She whips me, while making me look directly in her eyes. If I don’t do it well, she makes me send more money
          She makes me repeat how I’m just a nobody. Strangely it’s like I’m attached to her while feeling helpless. It’s like she’s everywhere inside of me, like I don’t exist.
          The worse is when she ties me to the floor, blindfolds me for modestly while she lifts her skirt and pisses directly in my mouth. She whips my balls if I don’t drink from the golden shower. I shake when she’s wearing the pissing skirt.
          Chastity cage stays on, she says I’m don’t deserve to cum.
          She does not believe in spiked cages, but does believe in ball crushers. They really hurt!
          She makes me write a hundred times how worthless I am while how desirable she is.
          On ocasión she has pegged me to make me dribble, in front of her girl friend(s). Then she allows others to fuck me like a common whore.
          I know she does it to other men. She also does it on the internet. Her life style shows it.

          1. Also she dresses and acts very provocatively in front of him as she laughs as his caged penis struggles and can’t get hard. His frustration makes him suffer terribly.

  3. Caption 2: Plot twist is the husband was trying get away from her. Got tired of her slapping him around and such. But it’s a dangerous world out there for males. Run into the wrong group of women and You end up in a ransom situation. He was hoping he’d get lucky with a nicer woman taking him in as a stray, but it doesn’t look like that went as planned so far. Best he can hope for for now is they don’t kill him. Poor lad.

    4th caption: I’m surprised they let males take such complex math courses. Most males don’t go past learning basic fractional equations. Don’t need all that knowledge if they’ll just end up becoming a sissy maid husband for one of these lovely girls in the future washing their panties anyway, or cooking a good home cooked meal for their goddess wives coming home from work.

    1. Too right, Squaw, as you so often are.

      Yes, the husband and wife’s relationship in the second caption had been… complicated. One might even say that their domestic harmony had been under some strain. Fortunately, as things have turned out, everything has become a lot simpler and both of them will be able to really concentrate on what the other needs, from now on.

      And as for caption 4… yeah, it can only be demoralising for young lads to have to try to keep up with girls. Boys and girls have different talents, that’s all. Boys are physically stronger, for example, while girls are cleverer, more sensible, more diligent, better in touch with their feelings and possessed of infintely superior social skills. Classes should reflect that, for instance giving boys more opportunities to practice and demonstrate their physical, manual skills, while girls can develop management and supervision techniques, possibly out in the open air.

      Best wishes


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