The more cruelly she treats him

“…and the more faithless she is, the worse she uses him, the more wantonly she plays with him, the less pity she shows him, by so much the more will she increase his desire, be loved, worshipped by him.” The Founder himself said that, in Venus in Furs. He was right, although I don’t suppose Wanda thought any more of him as a result.

She’s trying her best to make this chastity regime work but you at least have to meet her halfway.
Good thing he warned her, or this could turn out to be a lot more painful than he’d expected.
He may be dying a virgin but he can be happy that he’s provided a woman with sexual fulfillment, even if only in his agonised dying moments. So there’s that.
If you think an affectionate little peck on her shoe is embarassing in public, try being slapped in public. Just not doing the kiss should be enough to bring it on.
I’m one of those people who can’t be hypnotised. Some say it’s a willpower thing, but as a sub it’s hard for me to believe that. A few people are just immune and that’s that. Back when I was a smoker, my girlfriend at the time persuaded me to go to a hypnotherapist she knew and the smoking craving was just as strong after the session as before. As it happens I did give up smoking soon after, but that was because I couldn’t really afford it, because I suddenly realised, that very evening, that I wanted to start handing over 75% of my income to my girlfriend. So it was just coincidence that it was right after the session with the hypnotist. It was difficult, but I managed to give up the cigarettes, entirely on my own, even though I decided I should be buying a pack daily for her new boyfriend, soon after. Maybe it is willpower, after all.
Pro tip: arguing that you weren’t, in this situation, is a losing proposition.

12 thoughts on “The more cruelly she treats him”

  1. I don’t like too much the point system , to determine when s boy can cum, but I know several girls who use it.
    One even had a trial in the fridge, and a smiley magnet

    1. A really red hot girl can easily control when almost any Beta man cums, or not.
      However, it’s very difficult to control an Alpha man! He might make you melt.

          1. One of the joys and privileges of being female is to be so desirable that Mr. Alpha man melts you into bliss. Enjoy your female rights.

          2. If you are talking about sex, I am sorry but I prefer Miss alpha.

            Mr. Alpha can make us a sandwich

    2. Yes, my SO used to use a points system, but she’d often lose count, which could get a bit frustrating. I think technically she still does use a points system, I just never get any.

      Best wishes


  2. Caption 4: I mean, if the pope has no problem kissing the ground when he steps off an airplane, he shouldn’t have an issue kissing his wife’s shoes. Better than getting the soul slapped out of you last time you disobeyed her. Or your ass beaten blood red over her knee like she did in the park.

    Caption 6: Right, yes mam, I admit I was arguing. Please have mercy. It won’t happen again.

    1. Quite so, Squaw. There are far too few references to the Pope on femdom porn sites, despite (or perhaps because) of many of our backgrounds based on catholic guilt. Thank you for redressing the balance. I kiss the ground a lot too (when she’s wearing shoes or boots that she ‘doesn’t want spoiled’ for instance), although no one’s ever offered me the papacy.

      Caption 6: it really isn’t up to you to decide whether it will happen again, you know. Are you trying to annoy her?

      Best wishes


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