Taking her hand in marriage

If you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, you might have to take the cane as well.

On we go.

I wonder if they have a ‘bring your daughter to work’ day, too?

Submissive porn search history
Best not to look nervous at this point.  Just relax. I’m sure she’s very broadminded.

Last warning femdom
The only thing worse than being locked up in chastity is being in chastity and not locked up, I think you’ll find.

Female led always
That’s a relief.

Domination is a serious business
Don’t even mention little blue men.  Unless you want Victoria to cane you.  Do you?  Oh…OK.  Well, go ahead then.

0 thoughts on “Taking her hand in marriage”

  1. "No mistress, there's nothing smurfing funny about your name. but this line writing assoignment is giving me the blues".
    Oh no, i think that's my lines trebled and my weekly release cancelled at least for this month!"

    You say I can out soon, mistress? Thank you..but it's to an open day at the local prison? Something about a visible warning not to end up there for rule breaking..I'm sure it will be very educational,,)

  2. And the government are so open now. One time it was all hush hush there. Now there must be transparency. All those wild rumours about what goes on there. Some of those tours last all days I mean all day.

    I have always had a thing for Ms smurfitt that she is the daughter of one of the 3 richest men in Ireland and will inherit his boxing and pallet empire hardly comes into it. All that pallet wrap it musn't go to waste and I hear she is planning new revolutionary uses for it. Julia Roberts is being so considerate and would calm many males fears about losing their knackers.


  3. It took a while but Dr Susan Arbish the respected psychoanalysts work became standard practice. In order to return to the womb layers of mental resistance were pealed away as the male subject lay under her bottom. She started skirted and gradually unclothed as she built a rapport with the subject. The return to the womb was complete when his face was immersed in her and in order to recreate the breaking of the waters and his birth she would let loose her own water.



  4. Thanks, Servitor! So many human rights had to be disregarded and so many abuses had to be committed just for the sake of getting an er… ouch… forgot about the spikes.

  5. Goodness me, Mr X. I only hope your line-writing is more accurate than your commenting! For your own sake…

    But it's great to have you commenting here anyway!

  6. Thank you Femsup. Yes, they even have a bring your son to work day, I understand. Very enlightened.

    The thought of being boxed and stored away safely forever by the divine Ms Smurfitt is a powerful one, that quite empties my head of all thoughts of little blue gnome-like creatures.

  7. Yes, I've heard that can be good therapy. I've occasionally tried to persuade my Significant Other to let me return to the womb, but she says I'm not allowed (Raoul would get jealous).

  8. Thank you Mr A. I think you might be replying to an earlier post about controlling mens' elections (if you're not, I'm afraid your comment was too profound for me to understand). But never mind, it's a pleasantly cruel image, and really that's all that counts around here.

  9. So how are you picturing the ejaculation detector strip? As something attached to the male? Or something more like a pregnancy test (i.e. a separate piece of hardware)?

  10. Oh definitely sons should be brought to work to learn just how Daddy submits to all his colleagues and bosses.

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