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  1. While I usually like your work, this time you have been too subtle for me. Really? Brushes for housework, men unable to brush their own hair and strange noises coming from the lower level? They don't have anything to do with femdom.

  2. Very nice! I remain a big fan of the style.

    I can't agree with the anonymous comment that says they're too subtle. They're pretty femdom adjacent from where I'm sitting.


  3. Ah well, Mr A, no worries, I can't please everyone. This series is about hints, and not everyone reacts the same way to a hint. Sometimes my captions are just part of a conversation that's going on in my imagination, and without the other half can be about as comprehensible as one end of a phone call!

    If you click on the word "OWK" in the tag clous, you'll find a bunch of posts that are about as subtle as a dildo covered in sandpaper. I enjoy those too (the OWK captions, not didos covered in sandpaper).

  4. Thank you, Paltego. And for the kind comments and discussion on your blog.

    De pervibus non est disputandum, as they say – not everyone has to think exactly the same way. Unless She says they must.

  5. It was a joke, Paltego. I guess… it's confirmed then. My poor jokes are the ones getting me into trouble with my Mistress and not Her lack of sense of humor.

  6. Caption 5 is a work of art…..I can imagine the wife was feeling so sexy and powerful when she slipped her skirt and heels on and felt like testing her pretty little hubbi-slave to be out with it…seeing if he would accept the bait…with much worse humiliations and privations planned for him further down the track….keep up the good work……

  7. Ah – it was you who was being too subtle, then!

    Wasting everyone's time…hmmm. I think you'd better pass on your Mistress's contact details so she can decide what to do about this.

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