Shame game

Fine, but I’m not putting his condom on for him this time.  I have my pride.



Don’t worry – the guys might think you look silly at first, but I’m sure they’ll be impressed when you go into your dance routine.





For a while my orgasm day was 29 February, but ‘we’ decided to stop all that, as it was getting a bit repetitive and predictable.




Women and knots, eh?  Bless ’em.

Which is a bit unfair if you have a fetish for being humiliatingly searched by ladies in positions of authority.  Oh well, at least she’s not wearing her uniform, so there’s a chance.




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  1. I suppose I could ask/should ask Sergeant Reynolds to see her Warrant Card. But then again that might be a mistake I would regret.

  2. No, I'm sure she's be fine with it. She's a professional, after all. She might also want to arrange a cavity search but if you are more comfortable with that being carried out by one or several of her male colleagues, she'd be happy to arrange that and they will certainly be up for it.

    Good luck


  3. How dare you come into the bedroom without permission. What are you doing here?
    Oh, you're just checking the trash is gone and my clothes are tidy? Is this part of you thinking you can be my husband again? Thinking you can just go wherever you wish?

    You will go back downstairs and do your chores and keep out of my sight, ok?


  4. What's this, babe? Aww a present for me. Where did you get the money? You borrowed it from Aaron, my boyfriend? Well how are you going to repay him, honey? He said you don't have to repay him because this bracelet with the heart on it will please me and that will please him?

    Aww that is so sweet. I have my sissy husband back! Good boy!

    I am so pleased, but I will be speaking to Aaron about giving you money. Don't think this will happen again. I am perfectly capable of telling Aaron off too you know.

    Now kneel and worship my stinky feet whilst I write a food shopping list for you for tomorrow.

    Good sissy.


  5. Dear me, which part of 'ex-husband' didn't he understand, do you suppose? Men be quite insensitive about these things. I hope you manage to set him straight, Ms Zoe.

    Best wishes


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