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  1. So her backhand isn't as strong. A good number of slaps to the face fore and back should help there. You can feel every eye on you in the last one and hear that audible gulp. Femsup

  2. Thank you. So do I. I don't have ides for them very often, though (and then I have to think up a headline involving 'turning' which is getting to be quite difficult too, especially since I have to resit the urge to use that song by The Vapors). But I expect there will be more, some time.

  3. Thank you Femsup. The last one is rather an embarassing situation. But there's nothing to be ashamed of in getting sexual fulfilment from being shamed, you know. We need a new movement: Humiliation Pride.

  4. I really enjoyed the one with the coffee shop, where an ordinary stranger tells the reader what to do as if it's normal for a woman to do that. The idea of that kind of fantasy world is very exciting.

  5. Thank you Mr A. Or Ms but probably not.

    Keep coming back and commenting – and give yourself a nickname if you like! We like complimentary comments, here. We also enjoy abusive and contemptuous comments, by the way, just on the off-chance that you are actually female…

  6. Not sure what you mean, Mr Second A. Are you saying that isn't normal?

    I just carry a notebook around with me and write down the things I see and hear, you know? I can't do fantasy – tried it once and just don't have the imagination, I'm sorry to say.

  7. Yes in a sane world there would be lots of Women telling men what to do. It would make fro a smoother running place. Femsup

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