0 thoughts on “Points of turning”

  1. Always a fan of these. I particularly like the imaginative recovered memories one. Great final line to that!

    (Apologies if two comments show up here. It seemed to eat my previous comment).


  2. Thank you Paltego

    I think in all my past lives I've been a blogger posting captioned images of female domination. This is the first time the Internet has actually existed to make that a reality for me, so it's all very exciting. And much assisted of course by traffic and enthusiasm from Femdom Resource.

    All the best


    PS – I like these ones too.
    PPS – No it really did eat the previous one. But then I've had problems on your blog occasionally. I think the Ladies who really run the Internet don't want the two of us to talk.

  3. And those seeing future lives under hypnosis. Where She sees whole male populations undergoing re education and she is an educator. Femsup

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