Sing when you’re losing

Boys can do anything girls can do. Just not as well, and usually only after some ‘encouragement’.

If it’s any consolation, the staff at the Re-education camp enjoy scenarios involving punishment, too. Especially with male doms. So there’s that.

It’s like smoking – easier never to start.

Hope that put your mind at rest.

Like I said: not as well and after some encouragement.

0 thoughts on “Sing when you’re losing”

  1. a caring teacher helping you lower your sights in a big way is the best thing that can happen to a boy

  2. That's the gentle encouragement. The type that ends with sore inner thighs covered in weals and welts is another. But that's only after the back of thighs and bottoms are too wealed to be used so soon. Femsup

  3. She's actually very opposed to unnecessary violence, even towards boys. Necesary violence, on the other hand (and thigh), is a different matter entirely.

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