Consent, given freely

OK, deep breath. Now, I suspect that for 98% or so of you this warning and disclaimer is not necessary but the Internet is a big place and most of the readers here are male, so the average IQ isn’t so high… and I do just occasionally worry that someone might misinterpret (or, in true Internet outrage style, get offended on behalf of someone else who might misinterpret etc etc etc) what is posted here.

So… just to be clear, this blog is basically intended to be funny in a slightly surreeal manner as well as sexy, even if it often fails to be either. Got it?  It is not intended to be realistic or a guide to safe BDSM play.  Or complicated ropework or the politics of BDSM, just like the disclaimers say, OK?

If this information is in any way new to you… if you’ve previously taken the posts here to be an accurate depiction of aspects of the BDSM scene, then  I’d suggest the following. Firstly, don’t read the captions below.  Secondly, contact a domme, book a session.  In my experience They are all really, really nice and understanding, OK? Nothing to worry about. You’ll have a great time. Anyway, tell Her you’d like a humiliation session, maybe school-based, in which She berates you for being such a dumb idiot, calls you a moron, all that kind of thing, OK?  Mistress and very stupid slave play, basically.  Because – and it’s just a guess here – I think you’d be really, really good at that.

Rest of you still here?  Jolly good. It’s a themed post today – read them in order.

The basic theme today, by the way, was somewhat inspired by the wonderful work of Miss Irene Clearmont.  Very few femdom books are worth actually buying on Amazon (hey – great name!).  Hers are, in my humbled opinion.

0 thoughts on “Consent, given freely”

  1. Oh Great! It's all a big joke, Wish you had said before. Do you know how hard it is to type with broken fingers?

  2. Yes, but you see, that's just her little joke, Ian. Lighten up and try to see the funny side, can't you? I mean: she's laughing, watching your broken, swollen stumps of fingers fumbling at the keyboard like that. Most of her friends enjoy the joke too. Why be such a grump?

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