Craven cravings


It’s not that Robert can’t do his own, obviously.  But you’re so much better at it than him – and so much worse at sex.  It just makes sense all round.


You’ll notice she hasn’t said you have to decide quickly, as she’s getting a lot of interest from other potential occupants?  That’s because she isn’t and anyway, she’s already decided.



A cover’s probably best.  They’re quite compassionate, the two of them, so having something unpleasant like that in sight could ruin what they had planned to be rather a special moment.



Ah… back in the time when the gimp suit came off at the end of the day. I miss that stage of our relationship, but times change, I suppose, and we move on.




It’s best not to quibble about the word ‘enjoy’.  It’s like the word ‘slavery’ – means different things to different people.

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  1. Well, now I have to ask. What are those two beautiful ladies talking about exactly in image number three? Surely it can't be that bad.

    -A humble anonymous commentator.

  2. You may be right – they're both very sensitive, caring types and it is possible they were over-reacting.

    You're obviously quite a caring soul yourself, HAC, checking that nothing too horrible has been going on, there. I'm afraid I don't kmow exactly what had been done to the chap they were talking about, but whatever it was, I do understand that they were able to put it quite out of their minds and they had a lovely evening together. So you can put your mind at rest: everything worked out OK in the end.

    Best wishes

  3. The estate agent one is good and so very fair. Oh and the minds eye sees all kinds of mutilation of that thing in the corner. But you are right it might only be a castration and a removal of limbs or something mild like that and they are sensitive. Femsup

  4. Actually, the domme in question in that second image is planning something much more fiendish. After having secured the estate agent in the 'light and airy compact space' illustrated there, she's going to bring in one of her slaves who deserves a severe punishment and make him listen to the estate agent wittering on: day and night, without respite. Because apparently the waterboarding and electric shock treatments weren't cruel enough.

    Estate agents… that's a hard limit for me, I have to admit.

    Best wishes


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