Sing when she’s winning


Scurry scurry scurry!



Much like his response to the question the priest will be asking him a little later.


I’ve occasionally asked my SO whether she’d consider putting me on obedience pills but weirdly she says she prefers an occasional bit of disobedience. Which is odd, because she always seems so cross about it… women, eh?




Even if he sued her and won, there’d be the question of damages and I think any competent (i.e. female) lawyer would advise that those would be derisory and purely token, at best.

It’s all part of growing up. 


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  1. Oh the pill one and the err um why can't I remember the others I know they were important for males to see. I must ask my significant other who's name escapes me momentarily. But seriously the last three are totally unfff. I noticed his emaciated chique form too. More women are going to like the weak helpless look. Don't want friends seeing that he is lazing about not using calories. She will have to lock all the cupboards too or lock away the can opener. Femsup

  2. Indeed. Nothing wrong with males being emaciated: most of them eat too much anyway. My SO always says that as long as there's flesh on me to whip, I can't complain. And she's right about that.

    Best wishes


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