Astounding Stories

 Once again, this blog departs from its usual focus on gritty realism, this time for a sci-fi special!  There’s nothing wrong with departing on an occasional flight of fantasy: it doesn’t mean I forget about the daily reality of boots to lick clean, panties to hand-wash and having to follow obscurely complicated rules governing my chastity regime.

And before you start, no: as a matter of fact, the blog post does not just feature stills of Anne in a space suit in InterstellarAnyway, I’ve done that before.  There are other sci-fi movies and shows, you know.  These for instance They’re just not as good because they don’t feature Anne in a space suit.  


Come to think of it, though*, Talulah in a space suit does actually put Dr Who almost on a par with Interstellar… but it was only for two episodes and she wasn’t in the second of those for long.

 More Dr Who femdom here.  Sort of.



A popular theme for ‘alternative history’ stories**, as I understand it, is the US Civil War.  I read one once which re-imagined the whole slavery thing as being about race, rather than sex, which is pretty weird when you think about it – surely it would be obvious that all men, no matter what their race or creed, are worthless and inferior?  But that’s science fiction for you: it takes you to a different place, the better to appreciate the reality in which we live.

Hmmm.  I was a bit suspicious at first, but I think I believe she’s who she says she is.  Or maybe I just don’t care.  Would you?…

More Gal here… and all the Gal here.

Yes, I think I probably will.

Be gentle with them.

* But please catch it in your hand if you do.

** The lady in the picture is educated and speaks properly, using correct grammar.  Cosequently, when speaking of parallel worlds, she uses the word ‘alternative’ to mean something which is an equivalent but not identical choice, as opposed to ‘alternate’ which means taking turns, as in ‘alternating motor’.  I realise that many of the ‘readers’ of this site, especially from the United Matriarchy of America, might prefer to use the phrase ‘alternate reality’, but they would be wrong – as I am sure she would be delighted to explain, in an educative manner.

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  1. Please do more SCI FI and more Anne in the space suit. That one with Anne still is read at least once a month for me. PLZZZZZ

  2. Indeed it is. Cyberwomen can be pretty scary and sexy, at the same time… as indeed can 'ordinary' human women, for that matter.

    Thank you for commenting and contributing a link.

    Best wishes


  3. Well for me too and I would and I will, but I'd need someone to direct me to more high-quality images of Anne in the space suit first. There aren't actually that many out there. Perhaps if someone with more technical ability than me could capture a few good freeze-frames… the one up there at the top of the lovely Miss Linda Evangelista works, even though it is a capture from a TV programme by the look of it, not a proper movie.

    Of course, I must make clear that any image of Anne is, by definition, "high quality" in every important sense. The blurriest out of focus image of just part of Anne would inherently be a higher-quality image than almost anything else out there. I am just referring here to the number of pixels, not the spiritual worth of the images.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you, it's a pleasure. Actually, out of these, that one was my least favourite, so it just goes to show… something or other, doesn't it?

    Kind of you to comment and to compliment, though. More to come – and I do have some Star Trekky ones, I think, as there are good images of pretty ladies cosplaying TOS, which works for me. Oh, the miniskirts.

    Best wishes


  5. Yes indeed, lots of rampaging fembots and that – surely – is the best sort. I have actually
    dabbled in the topic of rampaging fembots myself
    , although your version has many more words and very fine words they are.

    And we are of course aligned on the subject of Blake's Seven, although if they are going to persist in the bizarre framing that seeks to portray rebels against a tyrannical sadistic female dictatrix as the good guys (why, BBC, why?) I'd rather see Jenna in charge, especially if they retain the 80s big hair.

    I once visited Mistress Servalan in far-off Sydney and very well worth the trip it was. She has Jacqueline Pearce's autograph addressed to 'Mistress Servalan' which I think is rather magnificent from both ladies.

    Best wishes


  6. OK, if I see her (or anyone or anything that is likely to transform into her likeness) I'll be sure to let her know. You might find she's not that into the ball-busting idea, as it's actually the favoured location for egg-laying and I understand when the darling little offspring first hatch out, they like to munch their way through a fresh testicle or two, before heading up into the rest of the body. But maybe a bit smooshed is OK.

    Still, I hope someday you get to fulfil your dream of being infested with parasitic flesh-eating alien maggots after a brutal debilitating assault. Everyone should have goals.

    My own fantasies about GG are less violent than yours. I just want to be her wife – and cook and clean for her. My strong protectress… ah.

    Thank you for commenting

    Best wishes


  7. I once met Jp on her house boat. The number of males that must have confessed how much they loved her dominance! We want B7 back and a new Servalan and those delicious vampiric rubber clad troopers too. Femsup

  8. Is that a pic of the medical staff from the 60's or a remake. the lighting looks perfect on the diagnostic machine. Femsup

  9. Oh and thank you for acknowledging that the future will be a Matriarchy. Wonderful counterfactual stuff. Femsup

  10. Lucky you. If I were on a houseboat with JP I would chain myself to an oar, lock the chain with a padlock and then throw the key over the side.

    Life must be slightly odd for actresses famed for dominant roles… I mean assuming (wildly out of character for me) that they're not actually sadistic queens who want their boots licked. For instance, imagine meeting Valerie Leon (who – as I am sure you know – was in that scene in the Pink Panther). You'd say "Oh my god – you were in the Pink P…" and she'd know exactly what your interest was.

    "Servalan was always my favourite character" … "Oh. How interesting."

    "Hey, I know you! You were in Walk All Over Me, right?" … "Yeah. And a series called Battlestar Galactica if you ever heard of that?"

    Hmmm… I think I feel inspiration for a Turning Points caption or two coming on. Best wishes

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