Inferior sex

It’s the only kind I’ve ever provided, according to my SO.  Although how she can come to such a firm judgement after only one (barely even one, technically speaking) occasion escapes me.  Oh well.

Dommes can be surprisingly clumsy, for such elegant goddesses. I once spent a few hours tied to a cross on the floor of a BDSM club and it was just astonishing how many ladies managed to walk into me.  And all from the same direction.

It’ll be all right on the day.  She’ll make sure of that.

If you read that caption and ended up feeling almost unbearable envy for Pookie, then you’re in the right place.

The lovely Maya Sin, who once slapped and humiliated Servitor for a few hours, providing much-needed certainty.  She seems temporarily(?) to have disappeared from the Internet but here is a page about her.

All of them?  Or should they come up in threes?

She had the right to remain silent, but I understand she waived it.

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  1. I ear he will only remember the lines if he associates them with a slapped face. So the Priestess will have to do it as She reads out and he supplies the responses. Femsup

  2. Yeah, slapsplaining is a very effective technique. I find that my retained memory of whatever topic was under discussion is just perfect, following a long session when my SO slapsplains something into me, especially if she's got me pinned to the ground undeneath her and takes the trouble to go through it several times. It's odd, because often at the end of the session there's almost nothing else in my head – I'll have trouble remembering the day of the week or my own name (not that either matters much), but the important things she has drummed into me will be crystal clear.

    So actually I don't typically need the 'refresher session' she usually provides a day or two later, but I guess she's just making sure and I love her for that.

    Best wishes


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