Pictures of attractive young women saying vaguely threatening things

Just trying out a more literal approach to naming these posts.  I have to say, though, I reckon “Attractive young women saying vaguely threatening things” would make a great name for a band.

My muscles are relaxed.  The rest of me is suddenly feeling strangely tense.

Romantic moment ahead!  No spoilers, but let’s just say this turned out to be the turning point in their relationship.  This is when it became serious… really serious.


Don’t worry: she’ll make sure he drinks plenty of liquids too. 




Oh, OK.  Plenty of time then.  She’s not planning to turn it any further until after tea.



I don’t know about you but I just seem to be constantly charging appliances.  If it’s not the phone, it’s the shock collar, if it’s not the shock collar it’s the cattle prod.  I’m sure life was simpler in the old days.  Even on our wedding night… turned out I was supposed to have charged up her vibrator.  She wasn’t pleased, I can tell you.

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  1. Honey, what's the matter? You want to know about the recent census? Why? I completed it online and it is all done. Oh I see, you want to know, as a matter of interest, if you are listed as my husband? Well, there was a section in the Gynarchy Census for sissy husbands under Other Living Beings….it includes dogs and cats and suchlike. Where else would I list you?

    By the way, I was really proud of you last week when you annoyed Raoul and he berated you. It was the right response to kneel at his feet crying and begging forgiveness. As I wasn't here at the time, I don't know exactly how you annoyed him, but he told me about your reaction. Oh, I see you answered him back because he complained about how much time it took for you to answer the door. You said you were in the utility room doing some handwashing of my pantyhose. You really shouldn't have been ratty and say you were as quick as you could be. That enraged Raoul and I understand why. You should have just apologised….ok?

    Pardon? you want to know when you will be released from your chastity? I told you I will consider it next Friday, which is 3 months since the last time you were released, which was 4 months after our wedding….you remember? Oh wait!! I can't on Friday because I am out with my girlfriends. Good job I checked my diary huh? Let me see… about the Friday at the end of the month? That's 3 weeks time? ok? perfect…good boy…you may go and finish whatever it was you were doing when I came home. I've got to go back to work after I've eaten this sandwich…ok?

    Hurry boy go do work…see you later.


  2. Thank you, Zoe. I'll be sure to mention that to my Significant Other, as when she filled in the census she could not see a section related to sissy husbands, so she just included me under 'property – everyday household items'. I see that the trick is to scroll down, when you're in the Other Living Beings category. She'd only noticed the dogs and cats and hamsters there, but if you scroll down twice and get through the different types of birds and reptiles, there it is: 'sissy husbands', just between 'goldfish' and 'stick insects'.

    On the other hand, to tell her that would imply she made a mistake. And she finds that concept a bit difficult – as do I, to be honest. Maybe I'll just leave well enough alone.

    Many thanks, as ever, for commenting.

    Best wishes


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