Then someone falls in love… and someone’s beaten up

Actually, those things happened the other way around, but still… best day of my life.

No, it’s not medical malpractice.  His daughters, as the responsible carers, have to approve any unusual ‘treatments’ he receives.  And they have done.

That reminds me: you know those novelty jelly beans, where some taste awful?  Modelled on Harry Potter, obviously.  Well, I tried one that was supposed to be slug flavour the other day, and do you know, it was nothing like it?  How can they get away with stuff like that?
It wasn’t me.  I never.
Actually, there probably are some other things that would work.  She just hasn’t tried them all yet.

I thought the air hostesses were supposed to look after unaccompanied males until they’ve got through Immigration? 

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  1. Once again a glimpse of a saner more sensible world. She could have ordered a body cavity search in front of the other passengers who are overwhelmingly Female as not too many males need to travel. No business men of course only business Women. And many Wives & Girlfriends want to travel alone or with their lovers leaving their men chained in basements. Wasn't the Lady nice getting him to help in the officers mess. Maybe even the officers mess but that might be too much of a shock to the system although he would learn polite American terms like the powder room.

    Quarantine with forty days in a low cell not higher than 2 feet 6 inches would leave him late for work with his Sister In Law and very stiff. No not down there as in these enlightened days worrying about customs finding you in a chastity cage doesn't happen. Finding you travelling without a Responsible Female and uncaged would be a problem. Femsup

  2. Actually I've heard that unaccompanied men they talke a dislike to are forced to join an immigration line that snakes around here and there and round corners and back again and never, ever, ever finishes. As a matter of fact, I've not just heard that, I've experienced it almost every time I visit the US of A.

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