And I didn’t stand a chance

now listen, honey.

Well, I don’t like him either, so I suppose we’re even.
She’s right, you know. It’s her boyfriends who are insecure in their masculinity, needing to demonstrate it by fucking her brains out all night.  And you’re not afraid to cry, either.


I have some complicated sexual preferences, but my SO has sexual preferences too and they’re not entirely compatible, so I never get to express them.

Thick garden gloves?  Oooh.. I count that as a score.

I understand he was trying desperately to get a role in Ocean’s 8. but they wanted younger actors with firmer buttocks.


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  1. When they run films in front of people with button who press them when they see a part of a film they like and press them more often when they see a part they really like its always when the Woman is slapping a mans face. Both men and Women do this. So more mainstream films should do this. Femsup

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