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  1. Love the comment about the male not able to even operate his hoover properly and his daughters having to show him what to do. I do think that might need investigating. After all he has probably been doing all the hovering for years. I think we might have a male intentionally acting as if he is to stupid to understand and either get out of doing it or wasting time and malingering. Femsup

  2. It took me far too long to realise that perhaps "Doormat" was not suggesting that he kiss the Major's Boots to preserve cover…

  3. Like many men, he both intentionally acts stupid but also actually is. And wastes time and malingers. Don't worry – his wife and daughter have coping mechanisms.

  4. And it took me far too long – specifically until after you'd posted this – to realise that I should have written it in a way that didn't allow for that misinterpretation. Many of my 'one way conversation' captions are pretty cryptic, and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm the only one who can hear the other side.

    Still… I'm glad you thought about it for so long. This is what the Internet is for, I reckon. And glad you comented too!

  5. Well, that sounds absolutely lovely although only of tangential relevance to femdom. Whatever algorithm caused this particular message to be posted here probably needs a bit more work, I'd say.

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