Leading ladies

Oh, it would be just awful lying across that skirt having your backside whacked repeatedly with a heavy wooden hairbrush, don’t you think?  Awful.  No, no, please don’t do that.
Well at least she’s giving you a choice.
Oddly enough, it’s quite common to experience a powerful orgasm at the actual moment of castration.  Usually the surgeon just needs to take a moment to get her breath back and then finish the operation, though.

I see a happy ever after on the horizon.

You know, I write a lot here about being told I was ‘the worst fuck ever’ on dates, but actually it’s only happened to me once.

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  1. On the grounds that you find it unsuitable using the criteria listed in the title? Only there are other unsuitability criteria mentioned there, so it's not a 100% accurate test if you passed.

    If on the other hand you failed, then welcome to the blog.

    Best wishes


  2. I think even sissy role models are too male to count as role models. My ideal man is one doing exactly what a woman wants – from cleaning, serving or paying all the way through to just fucking off and leaving her alone.

    Thank you for your kind comment, as ever.


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